Are There Plans for 365 Days 2 on Netflix in 2022? Observe the Latest Changes!Are There Plans for 365 Days 2 on Netflix in 2022? Observe the Latest Changes!

“365 Days,” also known as “365 Dni” and less formally as “the Polish ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,'” sparked outrage when it premiered on Netflix in June following a theatrical release in Poland and a more limited run in the United Kingdom. Based on a book by Blanka Lipiska, who also directed the film and claims the story is 85 percent “real,” the film was described as a modern-day “Beauty and the Beast” by cinematographer Bartek Cierlica (via Variety), and it quickly became a fixture on Netflix’s Top 10 lists in over 90 countries (via Deadline).

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Does 365 Days Part 2 Have a Release Date?

While there is no set release date for the romance drama “365 Days,” a sequel has been hinted since June 2020, when the film premiered on Netflix and star Michele Morrone disclosed the news in a bespoke fan video for HalaHi, the Middle Eastern version of Cameo (via TMZ). And in February, writer Blanka Lipiska gave Oprah Daily a sneak peek at the film’s sequel.

However, the films are now produced under Netflix’s Originals banner, which alters the dynamic slightly.

According to Newsweek, filming on a sequel was originally scheduled to begin in August 2020 in Sicily but was delayed owing to COVID-19 constraints (via Oprah Daily). According to Deadline, filming was scheduled to begin in May 2021, with both sequels shooting concurrently.

The manufacture would begin in Poland before relocating to Italy. Then, various claims began circulating on the internet confirming that production would begin in earnest on June 29, 2021, in Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland (via What’s on Netflix).

Previously, the picture would have been expected to play in theatres before being released on Netflix, but Netflix has effectively eliminated the intermediary. As a result, the sequels’ scheduled release date of 2022 will almost certainly be a worldwide direct to Netflix release.

Audiences will not have to wait long. The film’s production began in the summer of 2021. By fall 2021, we may anticipate it to complete its production job. There have been no updates on the second and third installments of the film, as the cast is now filming them in Italy and Poland. Filming for the final two sections was originally supposed to begin in August 2020 in Sicily but was postponed owing to the pandemic.

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This signifies that the filming of these portions will conclude, and they will then be released. It is possible that it will arrive on Valentine’s Day 2022, but this would be premature given the difficulties encountered during COVID-19.

According to Deadline, the film will arrive in 2022. If all goes well with the filming and production, we may anticipate it arriving in February 2022. The second and third installments of 365 Days are being created as Netflix Originals. This, of course, alters the situation. Given the number of unsolved questions, we hope the second installment arrives soon.

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In the present day, there is only one 365 Days film. However, two more are on the way. Anna-Maria Siekulucka and Michele Morrone appeared in 365 Days and will also appear in the film’s second and third installments, which are currently in production.

Who’s in the Cast of 365 Days Part 2?

As Michele Morrone indicated early on, the male lead will return to “365 Days.” Morrone portrays Massimo, a criminal who owns a grandiose mansion in which he confines his love interest. Additionally, Anna-Maria Sieklucka will reprise her role as Laura, Massimo’s romantic fixation. Magdalena Lamparska will also reprise her role as Laura’s friend Olga. Other members of the supporting cast are anticipated to return for the sequel.

In Part 2, a new key character will be introduced, portrayed by Italian actor Simone Susinna. His presence precipitates a love triangle, which serves as the film’s defining twist. Behind the scenes, Blanka Lipiska is co-writing the film, as she did with the first. Barbara Biaows and Tomasz Mandes, who directed the original film, will return to helm the sequel (via Deadline).

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What Is the Plot of 365 Days Part 2?

The cliffhanger at the end of “365 Days” isn’t much of a cliffhanger when you consider that there are two extra books in the series on which the film is based, which means that Laura is almost certain to survive. Massimo and Laura rekindle their relationship in the second novel.

He learns of her pregnancy and they marry; but, a significant snag occurs when Marcelo “Nacho” Matos (Susanna) pulls a Massimo and kidnaps Laura. (Never again!) As a result, she falls for Nacho as well. Voilà! Immediately create a love triangle. Laura and the baby’s lives are jeopardized, and there’s also the matter of Massimo being an evil twin.

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To be honest, it sounds as hot a disaster as the previous film, if not hotter — but the “hot” element is what keeps fans coming back, and more of the same is planned for Part 3.

However, Deadline speculates that with Netflix’s monitoring, some of the film’s most contentious themes may be toned down. Fans will have to wait until next year to learn for certain.

What Can You Expect From 365 Days 2?

Increasingly sensual moments and the introduction of a new character add to the absurdity of the tale. Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria-Siekluchka will resume their respective roles as Massimo and Laura. The sequel will also feature a revolving cast of supporting characters.

Massimo discovers Laura’s pregnancy in Part 2 of 365. Marcelo Nachos Matos enters the picture just as they are going to marry and live happily ever after. Nachos will abduct Laura once more, and Laura, being Laura (she has an obsession with kidnappers), will fall for him. Fans will have to wait and see who Laura chooses.

Blanka will write the sequels once more, while Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes will return to direct.