31st Serena-Venus match; the harbinger of tennis return

In this pandemic, it’s like everything just went on a hold mode. The announcement of a match between the Williams sisters inevitably brings joy to all tennis fans. 

We have already witnessed thirty Serena Williams vs Venus Williams matches, and this is going to be the 31st one. Williams sisters will take over the tennis court on 13th August 2020 for the WTA tournament at Kentucky. 

Venus Williams said that this match is going to be so special for her, and she’s all set to take over the tennis court again. All over this match for the tennis fans is going to be a reminder of what everyone has missed during this pandemic. 

In an interview, Venus said that she hasn’t played in a while now and that she wants to play the best; and well, who better than Serena when talking about the best. Her views about them playing without an audience reflect her sportsman spirit. 

She said that it doesn’t matter if the match is taking place without an audience and that it will take place at a low-key level without a trophy at stake. What matters is keeping the spirit of the game alive. 

31st Serena-Venus match; the harbinger of tennis return

What Are The Achievements Of Serena Williams And Venus Williams? 

Serena Williams

American athlete Serena Williams is a legend of women’s tennis history. She has achieved 23 grand slam singles titles, more than any man or woman in the entire world. Selena is a player who has uplifted the game of tennis to a whole new level with her powerful game. 

Many Americans believed that from Williams’ family, Venus would be the first one to win the Grand Slam Title, but Serena changed everything. They teamed up and won 14 Grand Slam Titles

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Venus Williams 

Venus was awarded the Best Female Tennis Player ESPY in 2006, 2002, 2001. She is considered as the world’s all-time number one tennis woman tennis player. Venus and Serena both have created a new era for women tennis with their power and athleticism. 

In the Olympics, Venus won one Gold medal in 2000 in singles. She has won 3 Gold medals in Doubles and one silver medal in the mixed double. 

Venus is the elder sister of Serena, before Serena, Venus was the world’s best tennis player. 

This match will be a chance for both Serena and Venus to check on themselves and prepare for the US open as it is scheduled to commence on 31st August 2020. Serena already chose a smaller racket head this year as she wanted more control.

Coco Gauff, best 16-year-old American who won over Venus last year at Wimbledon, said that she would definitely watch the William sisters match even if she has not been practicing. 

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