30 Miles From Nowhere: From The Story To Cast All Are Here

What if you are excited about meeting your ex-buddies? But what if the meeting turned into a horrible disaster? The same happens with our buddies who are planning to meet each other but got stuck between creepy cabins…

30 miles from nowhere

30 Miles From Nowhere

30 Miles From Nowhere is a superbly directed horror movie by Caitlin Koller. The movie is written by Seana Kofoed and produced by multiple figures. The movie release on November 24, 2018, and completed a running time of eighty-two minutes.

This is the tweet from the official at the end time of the productions.

30 Miles From Nowhere follows the story of five- school old buddies who reunite in summer at one of their science friend’s funerals but this is something the worst!

From Back, one of their former college friends died which is not a natural case in fact at first they believed that he had done suicide.

They went there but something was very wrong with the place, every next thing is horrible like the crawlspace, blood is spurting from the pipelines, and that cockroach’s infestation in the visitor’s bedroom. This is not the worse! The worst thing is that dead man looking at them from the window every time…

Don’t watch it alone! It’s quite horrible which is the reason many slasher-movie lovers found this an amazing work from the creator’s side.

Who Are In 30 Miles From Nowhere?

Carrie Preston is in the movie playing the main lead, Sylvia with Rob Benedict as Larry and Cathy Shim as Bess.

Seana Kofoed as Elaine, William Smillie as Paul, Postell Pringle as Jack, Marielle Scott as Amber, and Andrew Rothenberg as Max are also there in the movie.

Rather than the aforementioned names, the movie has some more characters that are Rusty Schwimmer as Officer Marsh, Roslyn Alexander as Norma, Reggie Baker as Officer Riley, and Robert Breuler as Father Galvin.

30 Miles From Nowhere

Where We Can Wach The Film- 30 Miles From Nowhere?

After reading our post, if you thinking to watch this creepy movie then you can easily access it on Amazon Prime Videos.

Official Teaser of 30 Miles From Nowhere

30 Miles From Nowhere- IMDb And Other Ratings!

When we talk about the IMDb ratings it is quite low for the movie, the IMDb users have given this horror drama a total of 4.3 stars which are calculated from the votes of more than a thousand users.

I really don’t know why the ratings from the IMDb’s side are quite low…
Putting the IMDb aside, Rotten Tomatoes has given this an average score of 6.14/10.

If you are thinking that the movie is not going to be worth it for you, just because of the IMDb ratings then you can also go for some other horror movies like Werewolf Movies | Top Werewolf Movies, Marianne Season 2, Mama 2: Two Girls Vanishes In Dark Forest| Upcoming Horror Movie or simply visit us for more.


Other major names behind the movie are Rene G. Boscio, the music director, Cinematography by Ben McBurnett, edited by John Quinn, and the movie is distributed by 4Digital Media. The production company of 30 Miles From Nowhere is “Film Camp Production.”

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