30 Coins Season 2: What Is The Releasing Status? When We Are Getting The Sequel?

30 Coins start with the story of Father Vergara is seeking to move on from a traumatic past in Pedraza, Spain. A coin in his possession, which may be one of Judas Iscariot’s thirty pieces of silver for betraying Jesus and turning him over for the Romans, maybe the key to the riddle, and he’ll need assistance from the local mayor, Paco, and the town’s veterinarian, Elena, to solve it.

The three of them will get embroiled in a plot that involves the Holy See and puts the whole globe at risk.

Father Vergara is an exorcist and ex-convict residing in the small Spanish town of Pedraza, attempting to move on from a troubled past.

However, paranormal phenomena start taking place in the town and he will need the help of Paco, the mayor, and Elena, the town’s veterinarian, to figure out a mystery seemingly related to a coin he owns, which might be one of the thirty pieces of silver paid to Judas Iscariot for betraying Jesus and handing him over to the Romans.

The three will find themselves caught in the middle of a conspiracy involving the Holy See itself and threatening the world as we know it.

Spanish television series 30 Coins were produced by lex de la Iglesia for HBO Europe and is a mystery-horror television series.  Father Vergara, an exorcist who is banished by the church to Pedraza, a distant town in Spain, where he believes he would be forgotten by his adversaries, is the focus of the series, which was directed and written by De la Iglesia and co-authored by Jorge Guerricaechevarrá.

On November 29, 2020, HBO Europe will air the series premiere.

The second season is expected to begin filming in the fall of 2021.

Who Has Chances To Be In The 30 Coins Season 2?

If there be a season second then Eduard Fernández ghas Padre Manuel Vergara has chance to be back in the show as the role of Father Manuel Vergara with  Megan Montaner as Elena and Miguel Ángel Silvestre as Paco.

On the other side Macarena Gómez as Merche, Pepón Nieto as Sargento Lagunas (Sargeant Lagunas), Manolo Solo as Cardinal Santoro, Cosimo Fusco as Angelo, Carmen Machi as Carmen and Paco Tous as Jesús also has possibilities to flash on the screens.

Some more actors that we have seen in the former season are Secun de la Rosa as Martín, Javier Bódalo [es] as Antonio , Antonio Velázquez as Roque, Nourdín Batán as Jaime, Carla Campra as Vane, Carla Tous as Sole, Óscar Ortuño as Nacho, Abril Montilla  as Elvira and Alberto Bang as Richi. They all are the side actors or we can say they are the supporting faces of the show, if there be chances then we could hope to see them as well.

Why Everyone Loves The Storyline of 30 Coins?

During a bank shooting in Geneva, Switzerland, a shooter randomly started firing on all of the bank’s officers while overlooking the gunshots. He picks up a coin from a safe deposit box in the vault. On the other side, a priest with sunglasses picks him up in a sedan. Gunman and priest are both corpses, and the priest takes the currency.

A cow at the Alonso farm in Pedraza, Spain, gives birth to a human child. Mayor Paco, the veterinarian who delivered him, and the farm employees accompany the mayor to the local priest in order to avoid negative publicity for the community.

It’s not the Devil, says Padre Manuel Vergara, but a cow and a baby who were exchanged to hide an unpleasant pregnancy. Dedicated and young, Antonio, a homeless guy, feels the baby is wicked and plans to destroy it by placing him on the top of the church. Instead, he hands it over to Elena and tells the priest that it’s for his sins before leaping to his death. The youngster is taken into the care of the Alonsos.

Antonio’s coin is found by Elena. During sorcery, Manuel killed a little child. Paco and Elena discover this information.

Elena asks the priest about his background, and he explains that the coin came from a kid he used to be infatuated with. At the Alonsos, Elena is informed that their son perished in an accident while he was a child by the husband. Carmen, his wife, regards the birth of their son as a gift. In his room, Elena is dwarfed by a youngster the same size as Carmen.

How Does It end?

At the end of the story, he begins to rethink everything when Carmen begins to combine liver for her kid. She stabs him repeatedly. There are cobwebs all over the basement when Elena and Paco return. Paco is taken hostage by Carmen as Elena flees. Manuel and the police return to the home, where they find Carmen shot by the cops. Manuel tells Elena to keep her cool when she discovers the child’s old skin.

In an ambulance, Paco and Carmen have transported away. Her “kid,” a spider-like creature, attacks the ambulance, forcing it to crash and Carmen to escape. Manuel and Elena are waiting for the monster at the chapel. Suddenly, a woman who seems to be possessed by the demon Carmen shows up and demands the coin from Manuel, stating that she was at the exorcism and that the coin is from hell.

With bullets sanctified by holy water, Elena’s coin is sought by the demon after she shoots Carmen. Paco encourages her to chuck a charm Carmen gave her earlier in their battle. There’s no need to be afraid of it. The occurrences are explained away by Manuel. Later, Elena retains the coin in her pocket and repeats his remarks that the coin is “only a piece of metal.” He then asks her for the coin.

And the story ends… If there be a 30 Coins Season 2, then it has chances to start from where it ends or maybe we are going to see a whole new story with the same characters, what do you think? Share your audits with us!

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