3 Ways to make Cards at Home without any Cost

In this article you will come to various steps to create handmade cards without any cost. Handmade cards reveals the feelings of the makers.


How to make Greeting/ E-cards at Home without any Cost?

Greeting/E-cards – Any decorative card used to convey good wishes. Do you like handmade cards? I hope you like, even I also like handmade cards. They help us to express our feelings from the depth of the heart.

Last year, on Valentine Day, I shared my feelings with my hubby via Greeting Card as due to COVID-19 pandemic situation, it was not possible for me to go outside and buy anything expensive for him.

         “Sometimes Your Best Feelings Are Found in the Words, Which You Type  And Never Send”

Cards prepared at home (handmade) are always lovely to receive, and are more personal than a store bought card.

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In case if you forgot to purchase flowers, gifts or any other loving things to your loved ones, then don’t sweat! Be relaxed! As nowadays, in the fast moving pace of life, everybody has their own busy schedule or they don’t want to waste money on buying cards or they want to express their feelings by handmade materials.

In this article you will get to know the solution of above mentioned problems. So, keep scrolling to know the solutions.

There are various ways to prepare handmade Greetings/E-cards to save money or even to express their feelings as per their wish.

3 ways to prepare Greeting/E-cards at home without any cost for your loved ones

We can make greetings or e-cards without spending money. Here are some ways that would help us to save money and to express the feelings.

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1.First way: How to prepare simple cards

  • Firstly we should know what things are required

a) A Piece of Plain white paper
b) Color markers, color pencil or crayons
c) A pencil
d) An eraser
e) Scissor

  • Now, fold the white paper into 1/4 size means fold it 2 times.
  • Then, draw simple stencil on the front side of the white paper. By this you can easily cut out something like star, heart, flower or any music note.
  • After this start cutting the inside of your drawing.
  • To make the card attractive for the loved ones, color the inside part of the card which is the second layer of the front part.
  • Don’t forget to write anything inside the card.
  • You can also color the front part of the card to express your feelings.

2.Second Way: How to make E-cards online

a)Open Canva.

In case you are a new user, then Sign up for Canva using your Facebook or Google account. If you are here, log into your account and search e-card design type. Then open a fresh page.


b)Select the perfect and loving template.

Search templates for e-card theme. By adding keywords that suit your mood, find the perfect template. Only click on the template and start designing

c)Take advantage of features to personalize the card.

In Canva library you will find so many photos, images, icons, stickers and other graphics to make the card outstanding. Then apply photo filters to make ingredients pan.

d)Personalize your card

Make your card special/ unique. You can upload your images and photos to make the card design personal. Then choose a color scheme and background that fits the personality of your friend or family member.

e)Share it or take the print.

Download and save your card as a JPG or PNG. Moreover, you can share on Facebook, Instagram via email with just few clicks.

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3. Third Way: How to make advance creative card

Now you will get to know how to create advanced creative card for your loved ones on special occasions like Valentine Day, birthday, Anniversary etc.

a)Firstly select your base card.

You can choose any kind of paper that you want, but the best choice is a durable paper that has some weight. The best choice is cardstock, which is a heavy paper made specifically for card making.

b)Fold your selected paper/ base paper.


c)Try to make your card scoring with the help of ruler, pencil, colorful crayons or scetches.

d) Choose a ribbon to decorate the card for your loved ones.

e) Plan out what you want to write on rough paper then finalize it on the card.

After reading the ways, don’t you want to see something live to get the idea for the creation of loving cards at home?

I’m sure you want because it will help you to make creative cards.

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How to make greeting cards at home?

With the help of this video, you will get to know something new for making handmade cards.

Final Words

Making card at home is very interesting, creative and money saving activity because by this, you can easily save money or time. Secondly, you can express your feelings by your own creativity.


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