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28+ Tips For Healthy Relationship | Build Your Relationship More Stronger

The desire for a healthy relationship is something that everyone wants in their life. While the relationship looks easy in the start with knowing each other, finding their interests and thoughts and about their life. But there’s also a phase when the talks finish and you might start fighting with each other. Well, many of you will agree with the fact that not every person is made for talking endlessly. So, what to do? 

You could also enter a phase where you want the things to be alright as it was before but you don’t know what to do to make it fine. You definitely want to know something about Healthy relationships. This term is very often used in a relationship between couples. 

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What Is a Healthy Relationship?

A healthy relationship is when both people are physically and mentally happy with a relationship. There are no barriers and both of you understand each other. You are open to your thoughts and also understand the feelings of other people. It is a mutual relationship where both of you are communicative regarding themselves.

But this is super easy, isn’t it? Everyone knows that in a relationship the couples need to be supportive and open to their thoughts but still there are many relationship problems in this world, why?

Because it took a lot of courage and patience to love someone and make them happy. Humans tend to focus on the things that they love especially but after that, they might forget the worth of it. 

28+ Tips For Healthy Relationship | Build Your Relationship More Stronger

Different people will give you different definitions and meanings of this word and there will be a point where you might get confused. I am not saying that these people are giving you wrong knowledge no they are not wrong. A healthy relationship may look different for a couple while completely opposite to others. Not every relationship faces the same problems. 

In a study, it was found that the major problems in a relationship revolve around, Cheating, Sex-life, past issues, time, space, suspicion. 

As people start to grow in relationships, they will change their behavior and thoughts. Your partner may make different promises at the starting of their relationship while they believe in something else after 3 to 4 years. So, what to do? 

In this article, we’ll be sharing our top 30 secrets that will help you to grow your relationship strong and healthy throughout your life 🙂


Starting the list with the most important thing in a relationship which is love. The relationship without “LOVE” is nothing like a body without a soul. Sometimes people get into relationships just to gain some experience or experiment with their life. While all these things sound cool to many people but trust me it isn’t.  If you are in a relationship then be with someone whom you can love. Playing with the feelings of others is never an option. It is as bad as murdering someone because the other person might catch feelings for you. 

28+ Tips For Healthy Relationship | Build Your Relationship More Stronger


If you are in a relationship, the most important thing that you should take care of is Loyalty. There is a quote that reads, “Loyalty is the strongest Glue which binds the two people together through their journey”. Stay loyal to your feelings, thoughts, and belief with the partner. 


When you thought of trust, a person will normally think that “Yeah, I will trust you and never cheat on you”. The definition of trust is just limited to telling all secrets to your partner and never cheating on them, But is it right? 

In a healthy relationship, trust involves the belief in each other. When you say that you have full trust in your partner that means you believe in every inch of their body. You believe what they say and you trust that they will never hurt you. A Trust connects people physically and mentally without even knowing. It will further make your person realize how much they mean to them. 

28+ Tips For Healthy Relationship | Build Your Relationship More Stronger


“No, I didn’t mean it”. I am sure that this sentence is a lot common in our daily communication. While talking to someone, they might misunderstand your intentions, which is pretty normal. But in a relationship when these things happen, it may take to some conflicts. 

Understanding what your partner says is very important. You know how a coin has two faces, likewise, a situation is also be seen as two sides. If you want to establish a healthy relationship then try to understand each other. 

Friendship Before Lovers

A person is more open to their friend in comparison to their partner, ever wondered why? I am sure that you have never thought of it. Normally, a person runs to their best friend whenever they face any problems regarding their private life or personal life. 

They think that their friend will understand them and will solve their problems. Do the same, when you enter a relationship. Start the bond with friends and be each other’s friends before being lovers. 

28+ Tips For Healthy Relationship | Build Your Relationship More Stronger


When it comes to physical intimacy, a person will think of sex at first. Sex may strengthen your bond but it isn’t the most important thing in a relationship. Not every person enjoy sex in their life and this should be important for you to understand. 

To make a healthy relationship with your partner, you should focus on physical intimacy. If your partner is not ready to have sex, then respect their choices. Try to make your moments cute by cuddling with him/her, sleeping together, and kissing and hugging them often. 

On the other hand, if you and your partner are open to Sex then this would add the extra key to your healthy relationship. Normally, our stereotype involves that Sex is only a way of enjoyment but it is more than that. It joins the two souls and the love gets deeper. It was also found in a report that the couples who are open to it have more strong bonds. But sex also demands several factors which are useful to build your connection strong. 

  • Enjoy your sex and be open to your feelings about it. 
  • Do not pressure your partner to do it often. 
  • Try to talk about your fears and listen to their feelings too. 
  • If your partner is not ready to perform this act, then respect them.  

Spend Quality of Time 

A strong relationship can be built if you too spend your time with each other. Now, in the time of Covid-19, many couples face the problem of meeting. If you two are not living in the same city or town then schedule your meeting often. Long-distance relationship couples majorly fall for this problem. If you and your partner are meeting regularly then both of you will get more attracted to each other. The trust and bond get stronger after spending some time together. 

28+ Tips For Healthy Relationship | Build Your Relationship More Stronger

The couples, who are in a long-distance relationship, meet through video calling. Set online dates and play question and answer games to make the conversation going. 


Communication is the key to solving major problems. You know how we can solve a big fight between the two countries just by meetings and talking, the same is applicable in a relationship. If you two are communicable and share your true feelings then you can solve any big or small problems in your relationship and life. 

There are also some people who are afraid to share their feelings and problems in order to not hurt the other person but this isn’t correct. If you will share everything that bothers you then not only you will feel relaxed but your partner will also care about the problem. You can also get some solutions that will help you to feel less stressed. 

Travel Together

Who doesn’t love travel? Take your partner to some amazing place and create your best memories there. An adventure trip is always the best idea to take a break from the hectic work life. If you and your partner face problems in meeting and spending time then this would be something that helps you both. Meetings are the perfect way to boost your bond in a relationship and they will also help to create beautiful memories. 

28+ Tips For Healthy Relationship | Build Your Relationship More Stronger


Respect is when you both understand each other and respect what they have done so far in their life. People always crave respect and this is something that holds a special place in everyone’s hearts. 

You need to understand that respecting each other will add more interest and affection to your relationship. It is one of the tips of a healthy relationship. 


To show your love and affection to your partner, you need to care for them. Always check on them and ask about how their day was. Ask them often if they are doing fine or well they need anything or any kind of help. In the world of stress and anxiety, a simple text and call will help a person great. 

Resolve Your Problems

To fight in a relationship is very common. Humans tend to argue and fight because it is a part of their life. There will be times when you both will disagree with each other’s opinion but try to talk. As I already mentioned above, communication is the key to a healthy relationship. 

Don’t Hesitate To Show Your Love In Public

Never afraid to show your love to the world. I can understand if your partner doesn’t want to act like the teenage lovers who are always kissing and fooling around in the public but it is never wrong to hold their hand in public. Hold his/her hand in public and make them feel comfortable. 

28+ Tips For Healthy Relationship | Build Your Relationship More Stronger

It is a way to let your partner think that you are proud to have them in your life.

Playful Behavior 

Many people will agree with this point that playing with your partner will always be a way to show their affection. I am not telling you to go and jokes around but ah you can try some goofing around. Don’t hide your true self from your partner because they are the only person that will appreciate it the most. 

Appreciate Each Other

Compliments each other by saying simple yet cute things. Just add, “you look good today” or “Your smile makes me happy”. These are the simple gestures to put a smile on your partner’s face. Compliments never failed to achieve their target. Appreciating the person you love is always worth doing. It will not only make them happy but you’ll also love doing it. 

Never Afraid To Say Sorry 

I don’t know who makes the statement that “Men should apologize for no matter if their partner is wrong or write”. I mean WHAT? There is no sense in this statement and this is what personally I hate the most in a relationship. Being a girl myself, I think that a person who believes that he/she has done something wrong should apologize. 

It is not a duty of a man and a girl to apologize just because they are in love with you. I have seen many couples who always take their partner for granted and commit mistakes. Apologize when you do anything wrong. 

28+ Tips For Healthy Relationship | Build Your Relationship More Stronger

Send Cute Texts

A Simple romantic text will never fail to add a smile to your partner’s face. Tag or mention them on cute posts and send them romantic cute messages often. This always works for running your relationship smoothly. 

Text them often and ask them how was their day, No, I’m not telling you to stick to them all the time but yes, you can text them randomly to ask if everything is going alright. These small gestures will always help to build the relationship. 

Don’t Hurt Your Partner

We don’t know how much a person has suffered in their life and how much they are going through. Sometimes, not everyone is too experienced in a relationship and makes some silly mistakes that lead to unwanted stress. Being in a relationship, one should always do the things that will make their partner happy. Also, understand what might hurt them and try to not perform such things.

Think Before You Speak 

A person should always think before saying anything during a conversation. Whether you are in an argument or making jokes with each other, think before saying anything. Human behavior involves saying things that might look different from what they actually want to say. 

28+ Tips For Healthy Relationship | Build Your Relationship More Stronger

Your partner may misunderstand it and it can also hurt their feelings. Always be calm and patient while talking to your partner.

Try to say NO 

If you are not ready for something whether it is talking or intimacy or anything then try to say NO. There are always things that your partner is not comfortable with. You can talk to them and ask whether or not they want to do the things or not. 

There are many people who are afraid to say “NO” because they think that it would make their partner sad or they might even lose interest. NO HONEY! If your partner loves you, he will understand you. 

Stay Positive 

A positive person can hold more power than anyone in the world. Positive behaviour is always a plus point in the personality. A healthy relationship is always successful when you and your partner are positive about the things you both are doing. It will just add the additional values in your partner. 

There will be times when you both feel stressed out or your partner is tensed for something. You can make their mood right by inspiring them. 

Motivate Each Other

Motivates them to do things that they love. Not everyone is blessed to have you in life right, realize your partner that you are just perfect for them. Tell them their qualities and achievements that they have done in life and ask them to do better. 

Inspiring each other through the relationship will always be a good point to look for. 

Talk About Your Passion

What do you like in your life? What are your passions? What makes you crazy? Ask your partner these kinds of questions and tell them about yours. You will see a different spark in their eyes whenever they talk about the things they love to do. 

Be a good listener 

Always listen to your partner’s talk. In a relationship, it is important to let the other talk and listen to what they say carefully. This is an important trait in a relationship and your partner will definitely love it. 

Don’t compare your past relationship 

Comparing and talking about your past relationship with your present is the worst thing one can do. Never compare your partner’s behavior with your EX because it will ultimately make them hurt or sad. Always appreciate them and try to avoid the talks about their ex. 

Also, not every person had the best relationship in the past, try to learn what happens with their relationship in the past that makes him/her breakup with their partner. Learn from their experience and never perform that again. 

Appreciate Your Partner’s Presence in Your Life

To love is a beautiful feeling and to get love from the person you love the most is the best feeling. Not everyone is lucky to find love in this world. As a couple, you need to understand that the presence of your partner’s in your life must be appreciable. 

Final Words

A healthy relationship is important because it is the only way a person can be assured that his partner will be there. A long term relationship is not always as interesting as it seems in the starting. It takes courage, patience and dedication to build a perfect relationship and if you are thinking of doing it for your partner then it’s great. 

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