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28 Days Haunted: Release Date, Plot and More

In America, ghost hunting has always been a popular pastime, but fans are particularly enthusiastic about this series and eager to learn more about the supernatural world. Consequently, if a Halloween horror theme is what you have in mind, “28 Days Haunted” should be on your must-watch list. Ultimately, Halloween would be incomplete without something to keep you up all night.

Release Date for 28 Days Haunted Season 1

It has always been the goal of paranormal investigations to keep the ghost hunters and the audience on the edge of their seats because you never know who might appear in the middle of the night. 28 Days Haunted Season 1 Episode 1 is scheduled to premiere on Friday, October 21, 2022. “28 Days Haunted” is an adrenaline-charged and action-packed series.

28 Days Haunted: Release Date, Plot and More.

The Plot of 28 Days Haunted Season 1

This series will follow three teams of investigators who will spend approximately 28 days investigating haunted locations in the United States. Based on the claims that Ed and Lorraine Warren have propagated about these haunted locations, this series will use their experiments to investigate the paranormal reality.

This team of investigators is comprised of Shane Pittman, Sean Austin, Jereme Leonard, and Aaron Thompson, who will spend 28 days in the most haunted locations. Tony Spera, the Warrens’ son-in-law, will also be invited to participate in the experiment.

28 Days Haunted: Release Date, Plot and More.

Spera, in addition to serving as a consultant, will co-host the show alongside Aaron Sagers. Aaron Sagers is a well-known figure in the paranormal community. He has appeared in similar television programs, such as ‘Paranormal Paparazzi’ and ‘Paranormal Caught on Camera.’ He has appeared as a guest on numerous more programs of the same genre.

Famous demonologists Duo, Lorraine, and Ed have spent a considerable portion of their lives performing paranormal research. Some of the studies have been adapted into films that left the audience with their hearts in their mouths. Annabelle Amityville Haunting is an illustration of their in-person experiments.

Where Can I Watch 28 Days Haunted Season 1?

28 Days Haunted will premiere internationally exclusively on Netflix. Netflix is a streaming service that needs a monthly membership fee. Consequently, everyone with access to Netflix can binge-watch this series upon its premiere. Regarding its distribution on other OTT platforms for those without a Netflix subscription, no information is known.