25+ Best Chocolates For Your Valentine’s Day

The love for chocolate is not new and since early people are dying to have perfect chocolate. Remember how in schools we used to share our chocolates with our friends well we still do it now. Chocolates are the sweetest thing on this planet and the stereotype of them giving as a gift will go on forever. Valentine’s week is just some step away from us and we know how a tradition of giving Chocolates is mandatory.

No matter if you are single or in a relationship, you must have to buy chocolates to celebrate the days. If you are single then buy a piece of chocolates for yourself and cheer for the happy life you are living. People who are in a relationship already know that they have to buy chocolates for their partner and it should be good and equally yummy. So what to do now? 

There are tons of Chocolates available in the market but which one is right for you? Do you know about all these chocolates? If you are a boy then you may be not. In this article, we’re going to discuss the chocolates which you can give to your Valentine’s/Crush/Friend or for yourself.

List of chocolates to give your partner on this Valentine’s Day

Chocolate truffle box


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Start the list with this yummy truffle which is enriched with Chocolates. The box is well Decorated and looks so expensive compared to its price range. This chocolate truffle is popular and receives good ratings from buyers. The texture of truffles is nice and they are equally sweet too. The original Harry&David chocolate is the right choice for this Valentine’s day.

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Milk & Dark Chocolate Cherry Classic Tin


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Coming to the next chocolate is this gold belly special Valentine’s day chocolate. This is specially made for V-day keeping the price range in mind. If your partner loves Dark chocolate then this one’s for you.

Artisan Chocolate Truffles


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 The beauty of this chocolate trifle will attract your partner aries. These chocolates truffles are made by the designers themselves and the price range is really good. Within $40 you are getting a well-decorated and flavored chocolates by Harry&David. 

La Maison du Chocolate Valentine’s day box


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Gift your partner the special Italian chocolate to tell them what place they hold in your life. You don’t need to worry about the packaging because it comes in a beautiful heart-shaped box. Every couple’s go-to Valentine’s day chocolate box. 

Belgian Chocolate

Belgian Chocolate

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Covered with strawberries and everyone’s favorite Oreo, this chocolate box have a wide range of varieties. The price range is high but keeping in mind the quality and quantity of chocolates, they are worth buying. 

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Chocolatiers Valentine’s Day Gift Box

Chocolatiers Valentine's Day Gift Box

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Chocolates which are especially made for Valentine’s day are different. You can give this chocolate box to the person you love. They come with a heart shaped and well the sellers definitely add “better than flowers”. They are categorized in different flavour which includes Pecan Coffee, Madagascar Dark, and Hazelnut Gianduja. Pistachio & Raspberry, Lime & Honey and many more. 

Lindt Valentine Heart Gourmet Truffles Gift Box


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Gourmet Truffles Gift Box which has the most delicate chocolate. Gift these little ones to your Valentine’s. The best about them is they are available on Amazon so you can send these to your long-distance partner, friends, or family. 

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Valentine’s Day Cupcakes


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A little different from Chocolate but still for your Valentine. If you want to try something else then these Cupcakes are your go to thing. These are specially made for your lover and currently high in demand. If you are looking to buy this then you must hurry up.

Vosges Exotic Truffle Collection


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The most popular truffle boat in the market will surely make your partner’s mouth wet. Give him/her this box to make her fall in love with you and of course the chocolate.



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Buy this super-affordable confetti chocolate. These come in a super cute packet and are just for $12 dollar. These popcorn are for those people who don’t have a sweet tooth and prefer to have not so sweet things. If you are looking for a chocolate for your boyfriend then I’ll recommend you to go for this, he’ll love it. 

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Comes in a well decorated box with 16 pieces is something which everyone should try once. These brownies are just great. Not so sweet and they will just make your partner’s face all lit up.

Nestle Quality Street 


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These chocolates will remind you of your old days. Filled with chocolates, these are some of the amazing chocolates for the partner to give. Moreover, you can gift these to your parents and they’ll surely love them. 

Valentine’s Day Assorted Chocolate Box


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Well customized, A Heart shaped box which is filled with chocolates is something you should definitely try out. The Chocolate box is great and the price range is also affordable and not to forget that they are from the famous Williams Sonoma, so you can trust them.



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For the people who are not really fond of chocolate but can have a little. These cookies shaped chocolate thins are made for them and are really great. There are many people, especially the boys who don’t like sweets very much and if your husband or boyfriend is one of them then go for this one. 

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Dark chocolates are good for your body and skin and I know there are people who don’t really like it but if your boyfriend is a gym freak then he’ll surely love it. Buy this Dark chocolate box for just $7.95 and see his reaction. This is affordable and you can actually save a lot of money and buy him dumbbells lol, just kidding. Or maybe you should.

Raspberry & Chocolate Médicis Almonds


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The almond with raspberry and chocolate were an old Greece style chocolate which is still popular among the people. They provide you the finest almonds which are imported from Greece plus the dark chocolate is so enriched. The raspberry flavor also goes well with the almonds. 

Signature Nutty Assortment


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I have already fallen in love with the picture of the chocolates and can’t wait to try them. These chocolates are enriched with the finest quality of ingredients. The box have a great mix of chocolates like Dark Sea salt, Oreo, Choco-Hazelnutty cup. 

Medium Biscuit Assortment


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Sugarfina has recently brought a chocolate variety which ships all over the world. If your partner is living way far and you can’t be able to meet them then take help of them. They have some of the amazing quality of chocolates. This chocolates includes flavors like Signature Framboise with white chocolate and raspberry, our iconic Lady Godiva. 

Sugerfina lip shaped jelly


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We have been eating jellies since we were little. Give this small lip chapped jelly to them and let the old memories get refreshed. With under $10 you are getting these sweet and sour candy jellies. 

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Sweetheart Toffee Crunch bar


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To all those people who love chocolate but can’t have that much chocolate, this one’s for you. A sweet chocolate kind of toffee that you will definitely remember forever.

Wine Pairing Chocolate Bars


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Perfect chocolate which goes well with a bottle of wine. If you are already planning for a date night then take these chocolate bars alone. They will give a complementary flavour and by this your date is going to become more memorable. 



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Covering in the white chocolates, these are truffles are covered with creamy with nutty pistachio ganache.

Butter Love & Hard Work Valentine’s Day


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Breaking a heart may be a little heartful but you can break this heart sweetly. The Butter love heart is a unique kind of chocolate and you’ll love its opening style. You’ll get a hammer along with the chocolate, ask your partner to not break your head with it. Instead, they have to break the chocolate and you’ll get the yummy chocolate inside it.

Trisha Yearwood’s XOXO Sour Gummies


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Gummies are not new in the market and from a small kid to an old person, everyone loves them. These XOXO sour gummies are great to go along with the chocolates. Although it is not really chocolate, you can give it to your partner on Valentine’s day. 

Valentine’s Day Truffle Gift Box


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The luxury looking chocolate but not so luxurious when it comes to its price. This chocolate comes in a well-organized box with delicious chocolate. These are custom made for the 14th February and you absolutely give them to your partner. They are in a limited edition and you have to be in a hurry to buy them.

Heart Box of Grand Assortment

Heart Box of Grand Assortment

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Filled with the flavours truffles, fruit creams, caramels, crispy cups, and raisin clusters, these chocolates have some of the refreshing taste. Already customized in a heart shaped fashion, these are something which you should look for. 


Valentine’s day doesn’t feel Valentine’s day without having a bite of chocolate. No matter if you’re single or in a relationship, you must have chocolate on Valentine’s week. If you are heartbroken then we’ll recommend you to share the chocolates with us. We have attached a whole list of the different chocolates which are available in the market and you can try them out. Celebrate this Valentine’s day with your partner by giving them the most sweetest thing in the world i.e. Chocolates.

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