23 Jump Street Release Date: Check out its Renewed or Cancelled?

The movie Jump Street is counted as one of the longest series of films that we have ever seen. At first, the film was released in 1987. The movie focuses on the story of undercover agents who used to solve some minor cases because they are fresh units of the agents.

The story is loved by the fans which is the reason both the part grossed four times the budget. The first part takes around $42 million dollars to make movie and in return, they grossed a worldwide earning of $593 million. In the same way, the second part requires a budget of $50 million with a great box office gross of 290 million.

Isn’t it a great revenue? Seeing this much success will creators make a “23 Jump Street?”Let’s examine…

23 Jump Street

23 Jump Street

At the end of 22 Jump street, many series and ideas for the sequel are released, and at first, it is confirmed that one more name is going to be added to Jump Street’s History which is “23 Jump Street.”

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News aired in 2014 about the release… But after some time the creators revealed that the movie would crossover as MIB 23 which is going to be written and produced by Sony. Lord and Miller. MIB 23 is known as the “Man In Black 3.”

But after some time we get this official teaser from the creators-

“We gave it a shot. It turned out to be an impossible match-up.”

Later on, Jonah Hill added-

“I had the idea, but I doubt that movie will get made. It’s too complicated. They’re trying to make all the deals, but it’s kind of impossible with all the ‘Men in Black stuff.

“The ‘Jump Street’ films were so fun to make and the whole joke of them as they were making fun of remakes and sequels and reboots and then now it’s become a giant sequel, reboot.”

“It’s almost become what we were making fun of and it’s hard to maintain that joke when it’s so high stakes.”

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And finally, the movie came out on 14, June 2019 but it’s not Jump Street 23, it is MIB 23.

The Men In Black 3 which an American Science-fiction movie that is created by Columbia Pictures. The movie focus on the action-comedy spy drama.

In an interview with We Live Entertainment about the decision making “24 Jump Street” first, Lord said, “We’re reserving ’23 Jump Street,'” implying that not only do he and his close collaborator Christopher Miller have plans for multiple sequels but that “23 Jump Street” could, paradoxically, end up becoming the fourth film in the franchise.


23 Jump Street

The cast of Jump Street is as lengthy and long as you saw in the previous parts. At first, it is believed that if there be a 23 Jump Street then we are going to the beloved characters. We have mentioned the names below-

  • Jonah Hill as Schmidt
  • Channing Tatum as Jenko
  • Peter Stormare as The Ghost
  • Wyatt Russell as Zook
  • Amber Stevens West as Maya
  • Jillian Bell as Mercedes
  • Ice Cube as Captain Dickson
  • Keith Lucas as Keith Yang
  • Kenneth Lucas as Kenny Yang
  • Nick Offerman as Deputy Chief Hardy
  • Jimmy Tatro as Rooster
  • Caroline Aaron as Annie Schimdt

But unfortunately, the movie crossed over with the MIB 23, so in Man In Black, we see other actors.

  • Will Smith as Agent J
  • Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K
  • Jemaine Clement as Boris the Animal
  • Emma Thompson as Agent O
  • Michael Stuhlbarg as Griffin
  • Mike Colter as Colonel James Darrell Edwards Jr.
  • Michael Chernus as Jeffrey Price
  • Nicole Scherzinger as Lily
Season Name 23 Jump Street
Genre Action Comedy
Release Date Unknown
Created By Patrick Hasburgh, Stephen J. Cannell

Do We Have Any Official Teaser of 23 Jump Street?

Unfortunately, We don’t have the official video of 23 Jump street because there won’t be more movies again.

We have a claimed video for you. Watch this and refresh your memories with Jump Street.

Critical Reviews of the Former Parts-

21 Jump Street 84% (216 reviews) 69 (41 reviews) B
22 Jump Street 84% (215 reviews) 71 (46 reviews) A-

Last Line

The movie 23 Jump street is a cross-over to the Man In Black 3 which is the reason we can’t see more from Jump street but as a substitute, you can watch the Man In Black series or can watch the former part of the movie on Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 23 Jump Street ever going to be released?

According to Looper, Rothman acknowledged the existence of 24 Jump Street in his 2021 interview, stating that he’d been attached to write and direct the picture. When queried about the title, he said that “it’s taken us so long to put together we decided to skip past 23 Jump Street and start up the plot one movie later.”

How come there was no 23 Jump Street?

Lord and Miller discussed their effort to not “push these two properties into the ground” owing to their intrinsic differences on a podcast. 23 Jump Street was eventually scrapped, and there would be no crossover with the MIB franchise.