20+ Things You Didn’t Know About Gilmore Girls

Gilmore girls have already been a hot topic of discussion for many people. While there are many people who want the Gilmore Girls another season to happen, others are still not over with the previous season. It is hard to conclude whether or not there will be Gilmore Girls: A Year in life or not, but one thing I can assure you is that this article will be super amazing. 

Gilmore girls have released back in and it has left deep astonishing memories. A fan of this show and even I have been dying to hear more from their side. 

In this article, we will be going to discuss the unknown facts about Gilmore girls which you need to know. Read this article till the end to know everything. 

Actors and Food

Gilmore girls and food

Normally the actors are really conscious regarding their health and don’t eat much, especially the actress. The eating might look real in the cameras but they barely eat anything just for the sake of their figure. But it is super confronting when Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel didn’t follow the same rituals. 

The characters of both the actresses are known for their irregular eating habits and they even eat the food while being on the set. The fans were happy to know that at least their favorite actors are not faking it. 

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Alexis Bledel And English

The main protagonist of this show was not that fluent in English. She didn’t know how to speak it until her elementary class. She was from a Spanish background and actually Half-Argentian. Her first language was Spanish.

No Pre-Meetings of Cast

Gilmore girls cast

The actress Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel were unknown to each other before the production. They both know about their role but these two never really got a chance to pre-meet. Alexis Bledel got selected for the role of Rory Gilmore six months prior to the shooting. 

In an interview, Lauren Graham said that she never really got a chance to meet with  Alexis Bledel. Their connection is of mother and daughter and she wants to establish the same bond with her. But the busy schedule always comes between them. The first time they saw each other was during the first shooting day. 

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Liza’s Role as Rory

Liza Weil was initially planned to cast as Rory but that didn’t work out with her. But she has somewhere left her spark and the creators want to Weil anyways. 

After discussing much with the fellow producers, they decided to cast her for the role of Paris Geller, which we are thankful for.

The Duo of Bestfriend

Gilmore girls

Alexis Bledel who has played the role of Rory Gilmore was only 16 years old when she first entered the show. On the other hand, her best friend, Lane Kim (Played by Keiko Agena) was 27 years old in the first season of Gilmore Girls. This sounds crazy, right? 

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The Hate for the Coffee

Gilmore Girls and coffee

Living for coffee since I first tasted it, this fact is really hard for me. Alexis Bledel hates the Coffee. There are many times when her character was seen to have coffee but the truth is, the mug was filled with coke. Now if you are a coffee lover then you would definitely get what I want to say *Crying Emoji* But nevermind. 

The Story Behind the Fictional Town

The town shows in the show are based on the real city of Washington. While the story may seem to be fictional, just like the place but it wasn’t. The creators actually got the idea from Connecticut (A place in Washington). 

Moreover, there was a scene when the girls were going to a restaurant and they saw a person taking a coffee by himself while the waitress was busy talking with people. Well, you would shock you believe but that actually happens in real life. There is an actual restaurant which is so friendly that the people don’t mind taking things with themselves while the workers are busy with their work. 

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Michel Gerard’s Sexuality

Gilmore girls michel

The other important character of the show never really came out. The starting season of Gilmore girls suggested that he is clearly a straight guy but as the show progresses, the audience faces confusion. Her sexuality started to confuse the people and it will forever exist as a delusional topic. The people also want the history of his romantic life and want to see him happy with his partner.

The Misunderstanding of Being Korean

Gilmore Girls lane and kim

The stereotype of all Asians being the same will go on forever and it goes on my nerves when people say things like so stupid. The hate which started in the world because of this is so miserable. Recently a hashtag was going around which is #StopAsianhate. 

But something different happens in the show. The people sometimes misunderstood Keiko Agena as a Korean but in reality, she was Japanese. Her fellow cast member plays the role of her mother named Emily Kuroda, who is a recurring character in the show also Japanese and not a Korean.  

Both the characters got their first language English but their accent is not that strong as it portrays in the story. 

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The Love for Melissa McCarthy

McCarthy Gilmore girls 

Originally, Melissa McCarthy was not the one to cast as Sookie but the creator of the show Amy loved her. She has to fight all the way with her fellow producers and ask them to have her. 

When asked in an interview about it, she said

“It wasn’t that people didn’t like her, but she was a different energy. There was nobody type, there is nothing specific about her character. I just loved her because she was funny and really a good actor”

The Fast Talk

Gilmore girls fast talk

“Life is Short, Talk Fast” the Gilmore girls show follows this guideline and wants the cast to speed fast. In the other TV shows, the normal script goes for 45 to 50 pages but for Gilmore Girls the average script was for 75 to 80 pages

In the beginning, the cast members find it difficult to talk that fast but later they got used to it. 

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Coach for Fast talk

This one is connected with the previous fact. There was a Voice coach on the set and he looked for the talk. George Bell, who is the language coach, directs the actors and judges whether they are speaking fast enough or not.

Only One Lorelei’s Birthday

Gilmore girls birthday celebration

The show went on for several years and released 7 seasons and one revival. All these years, the main cast Lorelai Gilmore has celebrated her birthday once in the show. The only time it happened was during the Giant pizza time. 

According to the reports, the Giant pizza was made with Foam and added some pizza sauce with toppings to make it look more real.  

The Thousand Yellow Daisies

Gilmore girls 1000 daises

When the Proposal episode exists, the script demands the presence of 1000 daisies. While saying, 1000 yellow daisies may sound more but it was so less than only a table can decorate. 

In an interview, Amy said that when heard of thousand yellow daisies we think, Ohh! That’s too much. But when they actually came, it decorated only a table. We have to send people three-four times and each time they bring a yellow thousand daisies, they are very less.

The room was filled with so many daisies, it was heaven. But the west coast was out with yellow daisies *Laugh* 

The Story Behind Jess Character

jess of Gilmore girls

Amy Sherman-Palladino created Jess’s Character because she had many ideas in her mind. You know how badly people want Luke and Lorelai to be in a relationship. But the character of Jess was the only reason why the creator made her. 

The character never really allowed these two to date and all the fans were left with the dying hope inside them. The reason she gave for this is, “Sometimes we love someone but that was not enough. You might find the right guy at the wrong time and you can’t do anything except accepting things. We don’t always end up with the people with whom we love”.

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Mick to Kick

The resident of star hollows who make appearances numerous times in the show was given the name of Kick in the starting episodes. After the creators decided to give him a bigger role, his name was changed to Mick.

Alexis was a Beginner in Acting

Gilmore girls cast

Being a teenage girl, Alexis was the first non-actor on the show. The other cast members have already got experience but she has got none. The show Gilmore Girls was her first acting career in life. 

In an interview, she revealed that her Gilmore Girls Audition was something she didn’t even rehearse for her audience. 

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Amy Sherman- Palladino Never Saw Finale

Gilmore girls creator

The creator of the show never really saw the seventh season and the finale of the season. This happened because Amy has left the show during the broadcasting of the sixth season. There was already a conflict between Amy and her fellow members and she chose to leave the show. 

This was emotional for her and the fans, including me, can personally feel her. She said that it was hard for her to watch the last season because this isn’t what she thought of. 

She has created any other ending which the show makers didn’t agree with and she doesn’t want to watch the ending of the characters which she created. It was more like cheating to herself. 

Luke as a Girl

luke gilmore girls

The character of Luke was initially planned as a Girl named Daisy. But the show makers thought of changing it to a boy because the show already owned a large amount of female cast. To make it look more normal and not so famine they created Luke for us. 

Well, what do you think about this? Comment down to me

The Four Words 

Amy Sherman-Palladino has already written the last four words of the last episodes. Thankfully, the show makers didn’t change that according to them and then we got our epic line. 

*Well if you haven’t seen the last episode then this would be a Spoiler for you*

In the last season, Rory said “Mom, I am Pregnant” and with this, the show ends. However, later the people demand another season to see what actually happens but this would be interesting to watch as the mother-daughter were very supportive to each other. I would love to see how Lorelai would react to it.

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