20 Best Songs To Listen On This Valentine’s Day

Music is a mood booster for every person’s life. The need to listen to them is a must to complete your day. Whether you are partying, doing your homework, wanna feel love, heartbroken or just wanna spend your day happily, you need music. Valentine’s week is already here and no matter if you are single, In a relationship or just been heartbroken, you need music to heal yourself. There are also some people who just listen to music to feel love because they have no one else. To all those people in the world, I have prepared a very special list, close to my heart so you can listen to all those lovely, heartbroken songs and enjoy your Valentine’s day.

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The one of the most popular romantic song which have over billions of listeners worldwide. The ED Sheeran song from his famous album Divide. This song will make you fall in love all over again. If you are in a relationship then Dance on this song, I mean the thought of it is just beautiful. ED made this song for his not-so famous love and he has put all his love and talent into this song. The lyrics of this song are just amazing. Many of you already expect this to be in my list, Am I right?

Death bed 

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songs for this valentine

The hip/hop & rap song which definitely doesn’t even go into this category. The song is so good and makes you definitely fall for it all over. If you are someone who is always active on TikTok then you have definitely heard this song. There will be times in your life when you don’t understand the worth of a person until they are gone, this is what this song tells you. The song is for the people who have loved their significant one but they somehow don’t end up with them. 

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Someone you Loved

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It’s easy to say but it is never the same

I guess I kinda liked the way you numbed all the pain.

Now the day bleeds into nightfall and you are not here

To get me through it all”

Have you heard the lyrics of this song? OH MY GOD! They are just amazing. The song is for all the people who have been heart broken in love. I personally like the song because the lyrics make me feel heartbroken, even if I have never been heartbroken. This is it, this is the song that will make you feel it. The Grammy nominated Someone you loved by the famous singer Lewis Capaldi.

When I was your Man

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Bruno mars is known for his famous heartbroken song and this was his one from the list. “When I was your man” will take you to the journey of a guy who has been hurting himself by remembering his love. Now his love is with another guy and he is watching her dance with him. Valentine’s day will make you remember about your lover and this song is something worth the pain.  

Send my love to your New Lover

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Do you feel cheated while being in love with a person? If yes then go and listen to this song. Have you boyfriend/girlfriend are already in a relationship and you are all alone crying in their memories? This song shares somehow this same feeling. With amazingly composed and beautifully sung by Adele. This song is from her Grammy winning album 21 and she have won several awards.  

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All of me

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All of me’ love all of you” listen to this song with your lover on this Valentine’s day. The famous song by John Legend is something which you want on this Valentine’s day. A perfect song to make you love and dance along. “All of me” has some of the most romantic lines which are so soothing to eyes. 

Before You Go

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songs for this valentine

I’m sure there are many people who expected a lot from their love but got nothing but only disappointment. They make several promises like they’ll love you always and they’ll be there forever no matter what the condition is but they back off. This song will definitely be for those people who are still in love with their Exes. This song hit right there in the center of the heart. You’ll remember all the love that you both promise while being in love. This song’s lyrics are asking to stop the lover so that he can stay forever. He wanted to do things to make his love stop so that they can be all good again. This is a hopeful song for the heartbroken but still you will feel hurt. 

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Like strangers do

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“Sometimes things don’t workout as you planned with him/her, it’s okay”. But what happens when you guys are still in love but you can’t be together? Now you guys are just strangers who have happy memories with each other, it hurts isn’t it? Like stranger do is the song which shares the same theme. A beautiful song to listen to this Valentine’s day because you can’t do other than listen to this song. 

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Stay with me

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Sam smith who is one of the best singers of this generation have sung some of the most beautiful songs and you’re gonna have them on this list. “Stay with me” is one of his works which needs a lot of praises. People love this song and one of them is me, myself. This song asks the other person to stay with them. Isn’t this is what we want in our life? We all want our person to stay with us.

You & I

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We don’t know what is the future of One Direction And the rumour of Zayn returning to 1D is true or not? But we know only one thing that this song is a whole mood. The power of love is stronger than any other thing in this world and we can feel it through this song. If your partner is already a One direction fan then this will be a plus point to hear this romantic song while holding each other. 

Best Part

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You are the coffee that I need in the morning,

You are my sunshine in the rain when it’s pouring

A beautiful song that has already won the hearts of many people. There are tons of videos on the internet of people dancing with their love on this song. While the videos are beautiful for the eyes, the song is more soothing and beautiful. You might not have heard this song but it is a blessing for sure. 

Millions Reasons

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Your partner has a lot of things which you make leave them but you still hold on. Lady Gaga sang this beautiful song asking his lover to give a good reason to stay. A song which will go through your veins yet so good to ears. This song won Best pop solo award performance and if you are a fan of pop and country music then go for it. 


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From the famous album of ED Sheeran – X, this song is a masterpiece. It will definitely remind of all the hard times which you went through, the difficult times between you and your partner. The song lyrics are motivational for all the lovers out there. The title of this song is Photograph which means that the singer wants to put all those memories of himself and his lover into it. The memories are  Through all the tough and rough the singer wants that her lover should hold him irrespective of the conditions. 

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A Thousand Years 

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Twilight fan check? I am sure there will rarely be anyone in this world who hasn’t blessed his eyes with this movie. If you are one of those rare people then I’ll recommend you to watch twilight this Valentine’s day. The famous song of this movie by Christina Perri to make your heart melt. My favorite line from this song is

I have died every day waiting for you

Darling, don’t be afraid

I have loved you for a thousand years

I’ll love you for a thousand more

Coz I don’t care

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A song by Justin Bieber and ED Sheeran, a pop-music to make you all cheer up. Hearing this song you’ll just remember about your baby because the lyrics say so. A cute song and if you are a boy then play this song for her and she’ll definitely love it. 

Moreover if you are single and already cried your eyes out after listening to the sad song then you can hear this one to boost your mood. This song will give you a happy kind of vibe because of its all upbeat music. 

Leave your lover

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best songs for this valentine

Like I said earlier that Sam smith holds another room for his beautiful songs. The pain behind his songs are real other than that his voice is so gorgeous. Leave your lover is the song to enrich your soul and mind. We all have loved someone in our life and there might be times when we don’t end up with them. You can love a person who doesn’t love you. Instead of it he/she has his own lover. I don’t have much to say about this song but i’ll recommend you to listen to it for sure. 


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If you are planning to dance with your partner on Valentine’s day then “Always” song can be in your playlist. Hold your partner’s hands into yours and go with the flow. By listening to this song your partner will know how much they mean to you. To all those single people, who have ever loved someone then do listen to this song. I’m not telling you to cry over the memories but stay happy because they were a part of your life once. 

Thinking Out loud 

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The feeling of love is the best in this world and being with the person forever is like a dream to many. While many people think it as a dream some do have achieved it. Growing old with the person you love the most in this world is what everyone wants. This song will make you feel the same. When I started to put the songs for Valentine’s day I knew that ED Sheeran will come with his super romantic songs many times. His another famous songs which should be in your Valentine’s playlist. 

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Sign of times

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Every one direction fan is happy with the solo career of the members and Harry styles is one ruling the heart with his super romantic song. This song has already charted in the Billboard and has super romantic lyrics. If you are a fan of Harry Styles then listen to this song, I am sure it is worth listening. 


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After all these years you still love him/her? If your reply is yes then this song is made for you. Our talented Adele has put all his talent into her album 25 and this song is one of the most famous from her album. This pop song has won some of the popular awards like Grammy record of the year and song of the year. 


Listening to a lovely song on Valentine’s day eve is so romantic. While some of you will celebrate it with their loved ones and many, including me, going to spend it alone. No matter what the condition is you’re gonna surely love all these songs by such talented singers. If you are heartbroken then, listen to these songs to remember the good old days. However, it will not reduce the level of pain but this is the only thing we can do to make our readers happy.

If you have anything to say regarding this post then you are all free to use our comment section.

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