16+ Signs To Know That He Loves You Truly

Are you confused whether the boy you are currently obsessing with likes you back? Are you in a situation where you aren’t able to actually decide whether he is in love with you or it’s just attraction? Well, knowing the person’s true feelings is a tough task for a girl. Are you confused whether your guy actually loves you or you are only just overthinking his kind gesture? 

Not every guy opens his feelings to the girl he loves the most. There are many factors that make them keep that silent face because we know it takes a lot of courage to speak up. 

You might think that he doesn’t like you as much as you do because girls are always found to catch feelings often. Whereas, boys always fall for deeper emotions. In a study regarding relationships and advice, it was found that nowadays, girls are more superior in proposing to the guy they love.

Men always are not very good at saying things, their actions rather speak up. There can be several other reasons why he isn’t saying the “three magical words” to you. So in this article, we’ll broadly look at the things which might tell you that your man loves you, he is just not saying it. 

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He will find reasons to talk to you

16 signs that he loves you


The first will be the most obvious one. He will always find excuses and reasons to talk to you.  Every guy loves to talk to the girl whom he loves the most. There will be times when he will start the conversation either by asking an important question or reply to your story or status. He will also call you just to ask you random shits that don’t even matter and then the conversations will go on. He will find ways to call you and want to hear your voices. Normally the person in love will be more comfortable in class rather than texting. 

The Random Compliments

He will always compliment you on the little things. From your morning selfie to your smile, he will always adore these things. Sometimes, he will not comment on your picture but he will definitely tell you in private. He will also ask you to wear that special dress whenever he meets. 

The song recommendations

Boys always love to listen to songs that match their taste. Your guy will always send you his favorite song and will ask you to listen to them. This is the sweet gesture of telling you that you matter in his life. Not only this but, he will start to listen to the romantic song more often than his usual Rock song and whenever he finds any new song, he will ask you to listen to it. 

The secret keeper

relationship goal for couple

Girls are always more expressive of their feelings whether it is jealousy or love. If you always open your feelings about yourself then he will always love to listen to it. You might come to a point where you will think that maybe he will get bored with all the talk about the bitches but he will not. Instead of it, he will love how you get jealous of all the stupid things and will always ask to you calm down. 

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He will copy you

This is the most obvious behavior of a person whenever he is in love. Your men will also copy your things from your typing way to the way of your talk. You will seek him to watch your favorite series or reading your favorite book. When asked by the boys about their behavior for a survey, it was revealed that watching the same series or reading their loved one’s favorite book gives them a sense of comfort. They will imagine their girl by their side. 

He will notice everything

signs that your man loves you

From getting your hair done to your change in the wallpaper, he will always notice everything in you. He will also compliment you for the thing which he likes. Even more, he will ask you to change the DP which he found is sexy for the world. No, this isn’t something to judge but it is rather cute jealousy that every person has inside. He may not ask you to delete it directly but will always check the comment. He will randomly ask questions about some boys. 

The gifts for no reason

If he loves you then he will make sure to buy you gifts for no reason. The gift can be anything that you like. He will focus on meaningful gifts rather than expensive ones. He will love to buy you a present even if you didn’t ask for one. 

The cute smile

Boys always laugh around the girl they love. Even your silliest jokes can make their faces smile. He will always find you funny and will laugh at the random things you say. You can also catch them laughing at your clumsiness because they found it cute. They will also acknowledge your several behaviors that make them laugh.

The long stare

Whenever you are together, he will always stare at your face. You can sense the eyes on you clearly but I know you will still try to fake it nicely. He will always watch your face and try to talk to you by watching eye to eye. 

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The Motivational talks

If you are down then he will try to cheer you up. He will always focus on himself rather than himself. He will always ask you to smile and be happy even if he never does the same. For him, you matter. He will always listen to your talks whenever you are sad and will try to find the solution. 

He will continuously ask to hold hands

Did he ever ask you to hold hands? Well, the first physical gesture of love is to hold hands. You can even notice how much he shivers while asking to hold your hands for the first time. Holding hands tightly gives the sense of love in every man’s mind. They will hold your hand tightly whenever you are tense to make you feel warm and comfortable. 

He will be a Good Listener

If he loves you, he will always focus on you more than himself. He will always ask you to speak first and will always listen to your endless chats. For the world, you may be a “Chatterbox” but he will never get annoyed with your talking. Instead of it, he will always smile while talking to you. 

Get tensed more often

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Did you get home? Have you eaten well? Has anything happened? He will always ask these questions to show his care towards you. He might not be good at saying “I love you” but he will always take care of yours. The genuine care always seems to catch the eyes of the girl and you can easily catch his feelings for you. Men have always found to show their superiority over women and they always want to take care of them. This is the most common behavior of their affection which every girl loves. 

He will always watch you

If you two are always together like in school or college or workplace then he will always have his one eye on you. He will always check on you and the things you are engaging in. Whether you are reading or talking to anyone, he will notice everything. You can even find him staring at you and if you are brave enough then stare him back to make him shy.

Smile while talking

16 signs that he loves you

Your guy will always smile while talking to you. He will not blink his single eye and will stare at your face throughout the conversation. Do you know that there is a saying that the eyes of a person spark whenever he looks at the thing he loves? Well, that’s you and if you found his eyes sparkling like a kid who is seeing his favorite cartoon then trust me he loves you. 

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He will close his eyes during the kissing

He will always try to feel the kissing rather than enjoying it. For him, kissing is another way to tell you how much he loves you. If he closes his eyes whenever he kisses you then it truly means that he loves you. He will find ways to kiss you again and will try to last it longer. 

Even more, he will always smile whenever the kiss ends and this would be the most beautiful thing about him. He will always get shy whenever you look at him during the kissing. If this ever happens to you that clearly indicates that your partner truly in love with you. 

Final words

Saying the three magical words may be a courageous task for many people. Not everyone is good with words so they perform some gesture to make the person realize how much they are in love with. Men are normally the less expressive sides and women always hate when their partner takes time to commit. With these simple 16 ways, you can easily find out their true feelings.