13+ Things To Do For Your Partner On Valentine’s Day

Love is a wonderful feeling and who will understand it better than a person being in love himself. We have always heard that people are always happy when they are in love. Do you know why? Because they have someone beside them to hear all their problems and worries. I must add here that if you are in a relationship then you are the luckiest person in the world. Coming to the actual topic, Valentine’s week is coming up and you must be very furious about what you can do about it. Other than sending her/him cute greetings and buying a gift, there are other things that will make your valentine’s day more special. 

If your mind is numb and you don’t know what you should do for him/her then I’ll tell you through this article. Today, we’ll be sharing different sets of ideas which you can do on 14th February. So stay right there and complete this article. 

What can you do on Valentine’s Day?

Don’t worry I’m not telling you to go have dinner together and give him/her a gift. These all are the old ways to celebrate Valentine’s day, I know some of you have already done this and want to have a change and something exciting yet romantic. The V-day is the day of celebrating the love between two people so why to make it boring? Have a look at these amazing ideas which you have only seen in movies but never really thought of doing. 

Road Trip


Travelling is something which everyone loves to do. On this valentine’s day take your partner on a road trip like never before. This will help them to get rid of every single thought which is running on their mind and helps them to remove their stress. Road trips are also best to leave behind our daily working schedule and make our body and mind free. You can take her to the beautiful mountains or the sea side where there is no one. Spend some quality of time together and share your love with each other. 

Movie Date


Always wanted to watch your favorite movie with your partner? But never really express it to them, say it now. If you have always found it attractive to watch a movie with them then do it on this Valentine’s day. You can choose your house or the cinema hall according to your preference. There are a ton of romantic movies which are available to make you both realize the love. After a romantic movie if you have time left then go out for a walk at night. Hold his/her hands and walk around while talking to each other. Tell them about your feelings and how much they really matters to you <3

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Theme park 

theme park date idea

Is your partner fond of Korean-dramas lately? Then her date standard really became high after watching these super cute dramas. Make your partner feel like the reel to turn real by taking her to the theme park. Theme park date idea is always a famous one and the girls especially have a soft corner for it. Your girlfriend will definitely be super excited and who knows you might get a sweet kiss afterwards. 

Morning with the roses

Valentine's day idea

Start her/his day with the beautiful roses on his/her doorstep (You can take any other flowers which your partner likes more). Valentine’s day is just for one day, making it special in the morning. Tell your partner that they are as beautiful as the roses and that’s why they deserve it. The efforts which you are making for your partner will definitely be praised by him/her.

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A video-game night

valentine's day date idea

If your partner is a big gamer and constantly talk about his game then do a little extra by playing it along. I know there are some girlfriends who feel it is annoying to play games but for your love you should take this step. Boys love when their girlfriend puts efforts in their stuff and he will surely love you for this. says doing this, firstly you can have a quality of time together and you’ll get to know about the game too and who knows you might end up liking it. 

Candle light dinner at home

All the hotels are full with couples during Valentine’s day and eating out in a fancy restaurant might not be a good idea for you. As we have already told you that we will avoid these things but a cute candle dinner is something we can’t put off the table. Prepare a yummy dinner for him/her and ask them to have a visit at your house. A candle light dinner is something which will always be a classic choice of all the lovers. Have a glass of wine and raise a toast for your love. 

Hot Bathtub Date


The next idea for Valentine’s day is the Bathtub date. If you guys are already comfortable with this one then go for it otherwise you can skip this. I am sure many of you have watched the bathtub date in movies because they are kinda hot and romantic. If you wanna try something different on this Valentine’s day then have a glass of wine with your wife and spend some quality of time in the bathtub. We’ll recommend you to put some warm water along with bath soap to give some nice vibe. Don’t forget to decorate your bathroom.

Night gazing at the terrace

what can we do on valentine's day

If you are currently in a relationship and want to know the other person more than this would be the best thing you can do on Valentine’s day. What you have to do is decorate your balcony similar to the above picture with lights. Spend some time while talking to her/him. I believe that you love will grow stronger as the conversation begins. After knowing a person and learning their actual thoughts can help you to know who they actually are. We all can fall for the physical beauty of anyone but if you love them after the unfoldment of each layer they are the one. A happy talk under the beautiful sky is what you need to add. 

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Pizza Date 


Pizza is bae” and we’re sure that your bae too loves Pizza because everyone does. Have a Pizza date with your partner because this is something which they didn’t expect. Take a surprise visit at their home with pizza boxes and of course the coke and see their reaction. Have a romantic pizza date while talking to them. Make the date more romantic by telling them your feelings. 



While the world is busy with their problems we want you to skip your hectic life and plan a trip to the nearest mountain. If the mountains are close to your location and this would be best. Take your partner to hiking and have some adventurous memories with them. 

A romantic breakfast


This is for all the husbands and boys who are in a living-relationship. If your wife or girlfriend always prepares breakfast for you then you take a step ahead this time. Make a surprise breakfast for her on this 14th day. If you don’t know how to cook then you should probably head to YouTube to learn it because this is something which your partner will appreciate the most. 

Coffee Date 


For all the new couples who have just got into a relationship, Coffee date is something which you should take a try. Ask her to dress nicely and take them to the nearest Cafe of yours. The presence of coffee and your lover will make Valentine’s day more romantic. 

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Date at the Adoption Centre


We know that Valentine’s day is the day to acknowledge the love but there are several people who got abandoned from this special treasure. While everyone is busy with their partner, we want our readers to go to these adoption centers and spend some quality time with the small children, old people and others who don’t have someone to love them. It is not always necessary to get some gifts for them, your presence will make them smile no matter how. Talk to them and I’m sure your partner will love this date idea. 

Cycling on the Road


Take your old bicycle and ask your partner to bring it and go on a cycling tour. While the petrol hikes the prices and if you and your partner wanna put the budget low-key then this would be something you should think about. Cycling is also good for your health so it would be best idea to have a fun date on that. 

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On Valentine’s day you are supposed to do something romantic for your partner. While many people go for a boring dinner at the restaurants, we want you to do something different. With this list you’ll learn the other ways of celebrating Valentine’s day. Make your partner feel special on this Valentine’s day and do let us know about your plans. 

Comment down what you are going to do for your partner and which one from the above is the most romantic date. We’re waiting for your reply.

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