13+ Things Fans Hated About Gilmore Girls: A Year In A Life

Gilmore Girls series was officially released in the year 2000 and left an everlasting impact on the people. After releasing 7 seasons of their show, the show finally ended on 15 May 2007. 

The ending to this show was pretty weird with Rory saying “Mom, I am Pregnant”, people were really hoping to see what happens next. Surely after a long wait, the creators decided to release a revival of Gilmore girls which is titled Gilmore Girls: A Year in a life was released to end the suspense. But is it really worth it? Surely the revival made the people happy. It further brings nostalgic feelings to many people. Coming to the other side of the story, there were certainly many things that the fans didn’t like about the revival part. 

In this article, we will be putting some lights on those things which went wrong and the fans didn’t love much. I’m sure this is gonna be so much fun, Let’s begin.


1. The suspense Ending

Gilmore girls

The last season of the official series of Gilmore Girls was left on a cliffhanger. The series opens more room to the story and people want to know what happens after Rory Gilmore accepts her Mom about her pregnancy. The Mother-daughter duo is known to have a broader mind and they are open up to many things which the society isn’t. The Revival part never really showed how she got pregnant and it also annoys the people. 

Furthermore, the show admirer wants to know about their whole pregnancy thing.

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2. Who is the father of Rory’s Baby?

Rory's baby

The most important question here is “who is actually the father of Rory’s baby?” The last final words which were already decided by the creators made the audience go crazy. There were many questions which we, as a fan, wanted to know about the show. The revival show never really cleared the doubt of the father and the fans were left in suspense. We may get to know about the father in the sequel of Gilmore Girls: A Year in a life but it isn’t confirmed yet. Whatever the reason is, the fans were really wanting to know about the father. 

3. Rory Immature behavior 

Gilmore Girls Rory Gilmore

We have known Rory since she was little and her relationship was as immature as her. She has already gone through a lot of things in life with her boyfriends but that didn’t stop her from being a fool in love. At the end of season 4 of Gilmore Girls, we have seen her sleeping with her ex-boyfriend, who is by the way married. After breaking up with him, it seems like she understands the real meaning of the relationship and would finally stop messing around. Fans were happy to see her in all good with boys and somewhere we all felt that she is finally growing up. 

But as the revival show existed, it was again her old Rory. Like why the heck she is in a relationship with Logan? We all knew that it wouldn’t lead anywhere. Well, with this affair, none of the fans were happy.

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4. The Re-entry of Paul 

The character of Paul is of no use. I still didn’t know why there was a need to introduce Paul in the story. There is no need for this relationship. Rory is only in a relationship with a guy because he has reasons for her and she has some history with him? Like, come on! We are not living in that time. 

5. What is up with Paris and Doyle?

Paris and Doyle couple

The super cute couple during the initial seasons of Gilmore Girls are deciding to take a Divorce, I mean What? And Why? Fans love to see these two in the show and especially as a couple and it would seriously be the worst to see your favorite couple broke up. 

However, there were just talking about it and they haven’t fully signed the papers yet. At least at the Gilmore Girls: A Year in a Life, but we want to know what happens next. 

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6. The Charming Jess

Charming Jess gilmore girls

The most sweet-hearted guy in the Tv series who have made every girl fall for him. But why is he there? Surely he is perfect, in every way, but still why? He got no issues and nothing, we want him to have something so that the audience can at least enjoy it.

The problem with this character is he is just the right guy, but not with Rory. though some fans still want this Perfect-guy to go with Rory there are many who will not agree with him. With all that Rory did to him, she doesn’t deserve her. But still, we need to see what happens next? If there will be a sequel of this revival then it would surely be amazing. 

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7. Why there is a Letter?

Emily and Lorelai

Do you remember the whole letter scene? During Emily’s therapy sessions with her doctor, she brought a letter, which in my appointment, is not so friendly. Well, she pointed Lorelai there and said that this was something she had given her on her birthday. Later Lorelai disagreed and said that they never really gave her a letter, then who did? The storyline never showed the real person behind the letter which was given to Emily one year before. 

The viewers want to know but it was never revealed. I really hope that all this suspense may end with the sequel and that’s why there is a demand for the second part of Gilmore Girls: A Year in a life II. 

8. Why is Rory so unorganized?

We have seen Rory since she was a little girl. Her existence is so badly described in the story. She is just unorganized that sometimes I feel that Monica Geller should be her sister *wink*. Well in a revival part, she is already a 32-year-old woman and still couldn’t meet her daily works by himself. And the mess she creates sometimes annoys the viewers. 

9. Luke and Lorelai’s Relationship

We never say that WE WANT A HAPPY ENDING, did we? Fans totally get that the series will not make Luke and Lorelai’s relationship happy and they were ended as suspense. Anything can happen with these two and you know as fans we totally get that not every time a happy ending is necessary. But again in the revival, the creators play a safe card by putting these two in a situation where we can’t understand what will happen next. The fans secretly want these two together but the creators are stopping them. So, again the story of these two is hanging in the sky. 

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10. Lorelai’s Trip

We thought that after Lorelai’s father died there would be someone who will make a big impact and everyone think of Lorelai. Her situation at that time was pretty devastating. First of all, her father died, and secondly, her relation with Luke wasn’t that good. All these things were happening there and then suddenly she wants to go on a wild trip. 

The trip isn’t a TRIP at all. Because it was already sounding fake to many of us and then she decided to not go. Woah! 

11. Other Character’s role

Gilmore girls other charachter

The creators of the show make the plotline so weird that it only focuses on Gilmore Girls. Of course, I know that the show is named after them and it would generally revolve around them, but still Com’on. Haven’t you seen other shows? The show would have been better we can see the personal lives of other characters. A little change is also necessary. 

12. Rory’s is Still not Stable

Gilmore girls Rory

The character of Rory is still not able to have a fixed job. In the previous seasons of Gilmore girls, she was a stellar student. She also worked as a part-time worker in the Yale daily news. It is also amazing to see the main protagonist on a big platform. It will not only make the show great but it will also encourage the viewers to achieve something big. While all these things don’t happen. She still has a job but it is not so Royal. It would be great if she can pull something BIG. 

13. The Re-entry of Amy

amy-sherman-palladino gilmore girls

After the sixth season, Amy Sherman-Palladino left the show due to the ending issue. The creator of the show, Amy Sherman wants to have some other endings while the show makers want something else. They weren’t able to come to a point and then Amy decided to leave the show.

For the revival, the show makers again hire Amy for writing the script, and fans were excited to see what good she do for the show. But it didn’t lead anywhere great. The show still lacks in a lot of ways and there are still a lot of things that aren’t clear at all. 

Final words

The Gilmore Girls which is being loved by a lot of people around the world is surely the best series for many people. The show ended initially and later they release a Revival part and fans were excited to see it. But the show still leaves a lot of unsolved stories of the character. The sequel of Gilmore Girls: A Year in life isn’t yet confirmed but the hints are saying that it would happen. The first part still needs to clear all the cliffhangers and fans want a satisfying ending, will it happen? Well, we have to wait for that. 

Until then read our other articles on Gilmore girls, You’ll surely love it 🙂

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