12+ Ideas To Impress Your Crush

We all have a crush on someone, either it is a low-key crush or a hard crush. The feeling of being loved is just amazing and every time you see your crush you surely get a little tickling in your stomach. You started remembering how special they are. Their beautiful smiles are what you crave for and once you get it you are all good. You love how they keep themselves and how they talk to others. Things started to get more beautiful when you started to talk to your crush. The butterflies started to get more real and you fall for them more. 

We all have gone through this amazing and crush-love feeling once in our life. Whether it being our school, college or even a gym, the feeling of crushing over someone is just amazing. If you are still dreaming your life with them then try to make it real. Now there will be people who want to impress their crush but don’t know how? Don’t worry because we are here to tell you how you can accomplish your mission.

In this article, we’ll be sharing some of the ideas which will help you to get your crush in reality. Follow these things in your life and your crush will be all impressed by you. 

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Be Confident 

Confidence is just as sexy as it sounds. If you are confident in your life you can have a lot of things which you never thought of. Starting our list with this important trait of humans. Confidence helps you to build and you will explore more of your inner ability. If you are all weak in front of your crush, he/she is never gonna like you. But if you are confident and clear with your words it will surely act as a plus point in your journey. 

12+ Ideas To Impress Your Crush

Stay Healthy

I have heard people posting things like they are lazy and it only looks good on Social media and not in real life. Being lazy is just a negative trait and this will not lead you anywhere. If you are more like a fit person, you’ll have a positive vibe from your surroundings. A fit guy is more likely to have a healthy brain and it will automatically improve his body. If you are healthy you’ll feel more refreshed and this will surely be a plus point in your personality. 

Moreover, you can go running or to your nearest gym. By doing this your body will become more energetic and not to forget your body will look damn sexy.  

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Embrace your Flaws

“No one is born perfect” We all have some flaws or imperfections in our life. Everyone knows their flaws but are you doing something to change them? While there are several things which can be easily changed by adapting and doing that endlessly. Like, if you are not that good in studies so you can work hard to score good grades. But there are some things which we can’t change and have to live with it throughout. What we can do is to accept our flaws and embrace our true selves. Your crush will definitely acknowledge this behavior of yours. 

Present yourself nicely

Always groom yourself. It is necessary that you take care of your body. Grooming is something which will make you look good instantly. Always present yourself nicely and in your best form. We have been hearing that inner beauty masters and it is true but we have to look physically good too. I am not saying to look like a big celeb but be more presentable. This plays an important role and by this you’ll be more confident.you have already read the basic cleaning habit in your childhood and if forgets then let me remind it to you. Take a bath often, Wear clean clothes and have a nice haircut. And as we have already told you, if you are confident then your crush will definitely take you more seriously.

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Express your true self.

If you are already talking to your crush then i’ll recommend you to be true to themselves. There might be times, when you fake yourself and tell them things which you are actually not but this isn’t right. By doing this, you are just telling them how insecure you are about yourselves. We have been reading since our childhood that we should love ourselves and only then will people love us. If you want to establish a connection between your crush you should share all your memories, thoughts and ideas towards life. This will act as a pathway and they’ll start to open up more. 

Tell about your thoughts

Everyone is different in this world and so is their thinking. We should always express our genuine thoughts to others and try to understand their point of view too. I know there will be times when you feel annoyed with your crush's way of thinking but you have to understand their side too. Knowing and understanding will help you to grow as a better person. Your crush, after knowing your this side, will definitely going to impress. If you are a boy then try to see through her eyes.

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Respect should be mutual

Everyone deserves respect, talk to your crush respectively and I'm sure that they’ll return it happily. There might be people who just talk frankly with their crush and that might seem fun but in reality it isn’t. Sometimes we must say something jokingly but the other person might get hurt. Talking respectfully includes a behaviour of respectful conversation. I’m not saying that you can’t joke around and all these but sometimes people forget their boundaries and it might hurt other people. Try to be normal yet respectful.  

Talk about your Goal

Talk about your thoughts, tell them what you think about life. Ask your crush about their passion, what they really think in life, what they want to accomplish. I have seen that people who are passionate about something talk happily about it. Nothing is more beautiful than a person talking about their goals in life. The smile in their face, the sparkle in their eyes, their excitement, all these things are just beautiful. By doing this, he/she will feel more selfless and start believing in you too. 

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A Goofy side is always a plus point

There will be times when you want to laugh around and make some silly jokes but you decide to shut your mouth. Never afraid to express your true thoughts in front of the person you love. Share your deep dark secrets which might be unknown to many people. Sing the song when you’re not even good at it. By doing this, you’ll make your inner soul happy. But I’ll recommend you to not become that crazy. A little goofiness is okay but you know that excessive of anything is bad. 

Be Polite & Kind 

Always speak politely and be kind to others. These are the normal human habits which everyone should adapt to in life. I know how people say they have an attitude but darling! Attitude looks good when it is rightly done. A bad attitude seems no less than a disrespectful behavior. I personally think that all those kids or young people who have a bad attitude for nothing shouldn’t practice all these things. There is no harm in being kind and polite. These kinds are for our own good and it will also make your crush love you. 

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Be a Good listener

While talking to your crush you must always hear them out. A good listener is what everyone wants in their life. Your crush will love to tell their story to you and they’ll feel more comfort. If you are someone who doesn't listen to others and always try to speak in between their talk then STOP IT. 

Be you

No matter how much you listen to others you always should be yourself. Don’t listen to others and always view things from your side. While impressing your crush don’t forget who you really are. It is always a good sign if people love you for your true self and if your crush falls for your fake and not-so true side then this isn’t right. 

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Final words

These are the things which you should do in order to impress your girlfriend. While on the other hand it is true that not always your crush ends up liking you and you may feel heartbroken. There will be times when you put your 100% and still didn't get what you want. But never lose your hope. Impressing the crush is not the only thing in your life and you gotta have big goals. But however the conditions are always be kind and polite to others, Try to be positive and respective towards others and always read to help the needy. 

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