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11.22.63 season 2

Are you waiting for the 11.22.63 Season 3? Before we get up to that…Let us quickly recap the show in a short description.

11.22.63 is an American Science thriller collection of miniseries based on a novel of the same name by Stephen King. It is a small series that has only eight episodes which are executive and produced by  J. J. Abrams, King, Bridget Carpenter, and Bryan Burk.

The premise starts with Jake Epping, the main figure of the 11.22.63 played by James Franco.  He is a divorced man who used to teach English in a school in Lisbon.

He becomes attached to the life he makes in the past as it could be the mission’s undoing. He must find a way to secretly gather information about people and events leading up to the assassination while also creating and maintaining new life to avoid suspicion.

Will There Be 11.22.63 Season 2?

There are chances to get the sequel as show producer Stephen King says that he has some new scheme and design for the additional series. In a recent Facebook quiz, we heard Stephen said: “have an idea for a sequel to 11.22.63 that would follow Jake and Sadie’s relationship.”

But don’t get too excited about this because after that we haven’t heard more from their side… If there be a season second then we are going to see it in the future years, so let’s wait and see because good things come to those who wait…

Now suppose if there be season 2 then what would happen? Whom are we gonna meet? Guessing the plotline with the Kings statement…

What Would Happen In 11.22.63 Season 2?

The new series will take place in the year 1989 and will focus on two storylines. One will focus on the aftermath of Jake’s (James Franco) return to the present and the other is going to concentrate on the investigation of a new character, FBI Agent John F.

Malone (Chris Cooper). The season will also include the story of James Franco’s Jake Epping and will follow his life post-return. However, the plotline is not confirmed at this time, just like the dates…

11.22.63 season 2

Who Will Be There In 11.22.63 Season 2?

The main characters, such as James Franco as Jake Epping, Chris Cooper as Al Templeton, Sarah Gadon as Sadie Dunhill, Lucy Fry as Marina Oswald, George MacKay as Bill Turcotte, and Daniel Webber as Lee Harvey Oswald will be in the show.

Despite them, some other supporting actors who have chances to be there in the show are-

  • Cherry Jones as Marguerite Oswald
  • Kevin J. O’Connor as the Yellow Card Man
  • T. R. Knight as Johnny Clayton
  • Josh Duhamel as Frank Dunning
  • Joanna Douglas as Doris Dunning
  • Nick Searcy as Deke Simmons
  • Jonny Coyne as George de Mohrenschildt
  • Tonya Pinkins as Mimi Corcoran
  • Brooklyn Sudano as Christy Epping
  • Leon Rippy as Harry Dunning
  • Juliette Angelo as Bobbi Jill Allnut
  • Braeden Lemasters as Mike Coslaw
  • Anthony Colonello as Clifford
  • Gregory North as General Edwin Walker
  • Gil Bellows as Agent Hosty
  • Grantham Coleman as Bonnie Ray Williams

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11.22.63 Season 2

Where We Can Acess The 11.22.63 Series?

You can watch the show any time anywhere on its official Hulu Network. It is also available on Amazon Prime Videos, and NOW TV.

Final Lines

There are no official updates when season 2 is going to release because it is not confirmed… As soon as, officials of this show release more updates then we will add more in this post, till then stay tuned.

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Now it’s time to end the post. I hope you enjoyed reading. Please share your feedback in the comments section.


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