100 Foot Wave: Possible Release Date & Renewal Status in 2022!

Updated On 2 February 2022

‘100 Foot Wave' is a six-section documentary directed by Chris Smith. It chronicles surfer Garrett McNamara's journey to the small town of Nazaré, Portugal, and his desire of surfing atop a 100-foot tall sea wave. The docu-series highlights the different difficulties looked by McNamara in his mission and the effect he has on the small town. In the event that you appreciate finding out with regards to motivational figures or adventure sports, the docu-series should interest you, and here's the place where you can stream it online.

What Is It About?

100 foot wave

In ‘100 Foot Wave,' Garrett McNamara, an American expert surfer, searches for the world's biggest wave. His desire is to vanquish a 100-foot tall wave. He tirelessly searches for such a wave and tracks storms close by his group. His search drives him to the town of Nazaré, Portugal. In addition to the fact that McNamara finds such a wave off the coast of Nazaré, however the town likewise becomes like a home to the surfer. With the assistance of local people, McNamara transforms the town into one of the superior riding destinations in the world.

Is 100 Foot Wave on Netflix?

Netflix's broad substance library that is best in class presently doesn't house ‘100 Foot Wave.' Should you wish to inundate yourself in something almost identical, we suggest ‘Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable,' about well known surfer Bethany Hamilton's assurance to ascend to the highest point of the game regardless of losing her one arm in a shark assault as a youngster.

Is 100 Foot Wave on Amazon Prime?

‘100 Foot Wave' is excluded from the titles accessible through a basic Amazon Prime subscription. To watch the series on the platform, you'll require a subscription to the HBO Max add-on. The docuseries may open up to watch on-demand on Amazon Prime sooner rather than later.

Is 100 Foot Wave on Hulu?

‘100 Foot Wave' isn't a piece of your basic subscription to Hulu. To watch the show on the assistance, adding HBO Max to your current Hulu bundle is compulsory. Then again, you can likewise look at ‘Andy Irons: Kissed by God,' a documentary around three-time world hero surfer Andy Irons' battles with psychological well-being issues and addiction.

Where to Stream It Online?

‘100 Foot Wave' is scheduled to air on HBO, and you can watch the series on your TV screens when it airs on the organization, if you have a link subscription to the channel. People hoping to stream the docuseries online can watch it on HBO Max with a paid subscription to the assistance or HBO Now with the assistance of your dynamic link subscription. Another option is to settle on any of the live TV streaming administrations that offer HBO, like Xfinity, DirecTV, Spectrum, and YouTubeTV. The series might open up on the normal VOD platforms to buy on-demand sometime in the future.

Would We Be Able to Watch It for Free?

As of now, the best way to watch ‘100 Foot Wave' is with a paid subscription to any of the streaming platforms recorded previously. Hence, right now, it's absolutely impossible to stream the series free of cost. We denounce the utilization of illicit techniques and urge our perusers to devour all diversion content legitimately and by paying for it.

McNamara Put Nazaré on the Riding Map!

100 foot wave

On account of him and a likewise devoted local area of thrill-seekers, Nazaré is currently a must-visit destination for surfers, its flowing monsters the product of an ocean canyon, more than 200km long and multiple times as profound as the Grand Canyon, that closes simply off the town's coastline. McNamara enthuses that, not at all like at other big-wave hotspots, the waves at Nazaré are “turbulent and entirely unusual”. Also, as indicated by him, that is something worth being thankful for! Need to see with your own eyes? Get the docu-series and get ready to be flabbergasted.

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