10 Things About Voldemort From Harry Potter That You Probably Don’t Know

Unbeknownst to them, the Harry Potter figure plotted his death and manufactured multiple Horcruxes that permitted him to continue as something less than a ghost. Voldemort begins his fight against Hogwarts, Dumbledore, and the rest of the Wizarding World after resurrecting himself with the aid of a desperate servant.

We learn a great deal about Harry’s noseless, sinister adversary throughout the eight major fantasy films, but there is much more to this dark ruler than what we see in the films. These are a few truths about Voldemort that the most diabolical Harry Potter antagonist would not want you to know.

A Fate Worse Than Death

After his defeat in The Deathly Hallows – Part 2, Voldemort was unable to enter the afterlife like other Harry Potter characters. Inadvertently, Voldemort has insured his immortality through his Horcruxes, although not in the way he planned.

Remember the strange infant Voldemort that Harry and Dumbledore saw at the spiritual Kings Cross? Thus will Voldemort spend the remainder of eternity. An appropriate punishment for a person who tries to subvert the natural order of life and death, he is imprisoned in Limbo, stuck eternally in his unfinished form.

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The Beholder’s Eye

Several times in the books, Voldemort is depicted as having red eyes resembling those of a snake. In the film, however, the dark lord possesses light blue eyes that resemble those of a human.

10 Things About Voldemort From Harry Potter That You Probably Don't Know

Reportedly, this was done so that we could see the emotion in Ralph Fiennes‘ eyes as he portrayed Voldemort. Nonetheless, when he first assumes corporeal form at the end of Goblet of Fire, his pupils are reptile slits, but they quickly assume a more human appearance.

Voldemort’s Nose

What happened to Voldemort’s nose is one of the greatest mysteries surrounding him. Infuriatingly, there is no clear answer to this topic, and the Harry Potter fanbase is divided as to when he lost his nose.

Some claim that he only lost his nose after his resurrection in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and that his new physique is a hybrid of man and snake. It’s a cool thought, but when you think about it, it breaks apart like a shoddy wand.

Since none of the Death Eaters dispute Voldemort’s identity, he seems the same as when they last saw him. Similarly, we do not know precisely what caused him to lose his nose, whether it was his experimentation with Horcruxes or some other vile ritual; all we have for his horrible change is a sentence from The Half-Blood Prince.

On a visit to the Pensieve, Harry observes a younger Voldemort applying for a teaching position at Hogwarts. Harry observes that Riddle’s once-beautiful features appeared “burned and blurred; they were waxy and curiously deformed, and the whites of his eyes were now permanently bleeding.”

10 Things About Voldemort From Harry Potter That You Probably Don't Know

As Voldemort himself admits, he “pushed the bounds of magic maybe further than they had ever been pushed before,” so it is logical to assume that his immersion in the dark arts gave him a monstrous appearance.

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Daddy dearest

Voldemort was a father, despite the reluctance of many fans to admit it, as revealed in the Harry Potter-canonical play The Cursed Child. Voldemort has a daughter named Delphine, whom he had with Bellatrix Lestrange.

It is unclear that an omnicidal fascist who felt he was immortal would want a child, yet it appears he did. Harry refers to Delphine as “The Greatest Horcrux” in the play, so it’s plausible that Voldemort viewed her as a milder type of immortality for his family.

Despite his inability to love, time travel reveals that had he defeated Harry in the Second Wizarding War, he would have appointed her as his most loyal lieutenant and given her a position in his Ministry of Magic. I suppose he is capable of affection after all.


After Voldemort’s death, efforts were made to debunk the former evil lord. Voldemort was revealed to be Tom Marvolo Riddle in a book titled Marvolo: The Truth, which demolished the fiction ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’ had created about himself.

The Letter ‘T’ is Silent

Voldemort’s name is supposed to be pronounced as ‘Voldemort’, with the ‘T’ being silent. This is apparently because Voldemort’s name is a perversion of the French phrase ‘vol de mort,’ which translates to ‘flight from death,’ and therefore the ‘T’ is not pronounced.

Unfortunately for Rowling, she was inconsistent with this guideline, so when the film version was released, all the actors pronounced it with a harsh ‘T’ sound, and the incorrect pronunciation entered the vernacular of popular culture.

10 Things About Voldemort From Harry Potter That You Probably Don't Know

Beyond Human Aspirations

Throughout the films, we discover that the countless eldritch experiments Voldemort performed on himself granted him a variety of strange and fantastic abilities. Rowling has stated on Twitter that he is so detached from mankind that he no longer needs to eat.

Grindelwald vs. Voldemort

The Harry Potter fandom is divided over which of these two evil dark lords would prevail in combat. While they do meet and Voldemort does murder Grindelwald in the books, they never engage in a true wizard duel.

Yet, they have both fought Dumbledore, who seemed to believe that Voldemort was the more deadly of the two, describing him to Harry as “the most terrifying dark wizard.” Rowling described Voldemort as “the most powerful evil wizard of all time” in his Pottermore profile, thus if it came down to casting spells, Voldemort would be the victor.

Not So Arrogant

Dumbledore explains to Harry about Horcruxes that he feels Voldemort reserved the murders of select foes for the creation of Horcruxes. He was in error. According to Pottermore, Voldemort created a Horcrux from the Slytherin locket after murdering a “muggle tramp.” That day, he must have been in a hurry.

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Young starter

Every fan of Harry Potter worth their salt is aware that Voldemort created Horcruxes to immortalize himself. What they may not know is how early Voldemort began working on this scheme. When he exploited the death of Moaning Myrtle to split his soul and hide it in his diary, he was only 16 years old.

Summing Up

The most dangerous dark wizard of the last century or so requires little introduction. In the films and books, he is the major antagonist, appearing at the end of practically every school year to terrorize Harry and his friends.

Voldemort is initially believed to be dead, having been defeated by Harry when he was a baby, and the Wizarding World is confident he will never return.