Have a Look at the 10 Movies Like Private Lessons!

On December 16, 2022, Netflix released the first episode of Private Lesson, a quirky romantic comedy starring Bensu Soral. There’s a brand new Turkish film streaming on Netflix.  Bensu Sorall takes centre stage for the duration of the film’s 1 hour and 29 minutes. Azra is a personal trainer that encourages others to realise their potential and achieve their dreams.

Despite the fact that the two leads are a student and a tutor, the movie is enjoyable thanks to the abundance of comedic sequences. Hande and Azra also serve as a model for the kind of friendship we can want to have. If you found yourself engrossed in Private Lesson’s story, you might have searched the internet for comparable films. We’ve done the legwork for you and found 10 movies that are like Private Lesson.

10 Movies Which Are Similar to Private Lessons

10. Music of the Heart (1999)

The documentary Small Wonders from 1995 served as inspiration for the 1999 American biographical musical drama Music of the Heart directed by Wes Craven and starring Pamela Gray. Roberta Guaspari, played by Meryl Streep, is based on a real person, and the film is based on her story. It was the first and only non-horror or thriller film that Craven made to be considered for an Academy Award.

9. Finding Forrester (2000)

Filmmaker Mike Rich penned the script for his drama picture Finding Forrester, which premiered in the US in 2000. The movie was directed by Gus Van Sant.

In the film, the main character, a black teenager named Jamal Wallace, is offered admission to a prestigious private high school. Jamal meets the reclusive writer William Forrester by chance, and Forrester ends up helping him find his voice and come to terms with who he is as a person through the gift of writing.

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8. Stand and Deliver (1988)

Stand and Deliver is a 1988 American drama directed by Ramón Menéndez and written by Menéndez and Tom Musca, based on the life of Jaime Escalante, a high school mathematics teacher. The film portrays the incident as occurring during Escalante’s second year of teaching, after his first-year students had attended a summer session to fulfil calculus prerequisites.

7. The Karate Kid (2010)

The 2010 martial arts film and subsequent film series based on the original Karate Kid both have the moniker The Karate Kid. This film was helmed by Harald Zwart. Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan star, and the film was produced by Jerry Weintraub, James Lassiter, Ken Stovitz, Will Smith, and Jada Pinkett Smith.

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6. Lean On Me (1989)

The American biographical drama film Lean on Me, directed by John G. Ingle, was released in 1989. We thought Lean on Me was a touching and motivational film.

Joe Clark, played by Morgan Freeman, is a fearless leader who can take on any challenge head-on. This rough and tumble young man attends a high-stakes institution in New York City despite having the worst standardized test scores in the state. We witness the change as he advocates for higher quality and personal accountability.

5. Summer Lovers (1982)

Michael Pappas and his fiancée Cathy are vacationing on a Greek island, where they are appreciating the warm weather, clear waters, and laid-back attitude of the people. Michael falls in love with the exotic Lina, a Parisian archaeologist who is in Greece for work. Concerned about Lina’s growing closeness to Michael, Cathy confronts her, only to find herself unexpectedly drawn in by the woman’s attractions as well.

4. Meet Monica Velour (2010)

Tobe, an oddball cineaste with frizzy hair and a penchant for cult classics, sees the 1980s soft-core actress Monica Velour as the epitome of femininity in Meet Monica Velour. Tobe’s heart is full with joy and anticipation as he drives hundreds of miles to see the woman he idolises perform at the Gentlemen’s Petting Zoo in Indiana.

3. Zerophilia (2005)

Luke, a young guy who is anxious about his manhood, must solve the secret of his unusual genetic illness, Zerophilia, which transforms him from male to female whenever he gets aroused, notably complicating his love life. Luke is a young man who is insecure about his masculinity.

Travel with Luke into the uncharted territory of Zerophilia to learn that you cannot alter your true nature, despite the fact that it can alter you. A cult classic that focuses on coming of age.

2. The Bridesmaid (2004)

Whitey Johnson, a loser pizza boy, is driven over by a large truck on live television in 1984, which turns him into a local hero in The Bridesmaid. Whitey’s determination to not only walk again but also triumph in the breakdance competition in his hometown is being watched by people all over the world.

Whitey has a hard time beating the more intimidating breakdancers, winning the affection of a girl who isn’t interested in him, and living up to the name “The Breakdance Kid.”

1. Rules Don’t Apply (2016)

Marla Mabrey, a Baptist virgin and small-town beauty queen signed to a contract with the notorious Howard Hughes, travels to Hollywood. Frank Forbes, her driver, whom she meets at the airport, is a devout Methodist and is engaged to be married to his eighth grade sweetheart.

They immediately feel a connection that challenges their religious beliefs and goes against Hughes’ number one rule: no employee may have any kind of contact with a contract actress. Hughes’ behaviour crosses with Marla and Frank in very separate and unexpected ways, and as they are pushed deeper into his odd world, their morals are questioned and their lives are changed.