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10 Most Visited Websites in the World: You Must Know!

If you have spent any time browsing the internet, it is quite probable that you have been to a couple of the websites listed in our article below. Few businesses control the lion’s share of monthly user visits in the world of the internet nowadays.

According to research, the typical user now spends more than six hours per day online, a figure that has increased enormously in recent years due to the global lockdown enforced in response to the Coronavirus epidemic as well as the widespread usage of mobile devices and the internet in distant areas.

A staggering 152 billion visits per month are made to the top three websites, which is more than the combined traffic of the following 47 websites.

The way we live has been altered by the Internet. The most influential industry sector, technology, is reshaping the global economy by establishing new standards and propelling paradigm shifts in all industries. Really, it is quite difficult to picture a world without technology.

Top 10 Most Visited Websites in the World

1. Google

Type of Website Search Engine
Operating since 1997
Owned by Alphabet, Inc.
Visits 45.41 billion per month

Google is unsurprisingly the most popular website, ranking #1 overall. To give you a sense of how famous this search engine is, consider that, because of the expanding popularity of the search engine giant Google, you can now search for anything by just uttering “Google it!” maintained its position as the most visited website in the world, with 45.41 billion monthly visitors. Since surpassing Yahoo to grab the top place in June 2010, the online platform has remained the most popular website.

2. YouTube

Type of Website Video Platform
Operating since 2005
Owned by Alphabet, Inc.
Visits 27 billion per month

Given that YouTube has landed in second place, it is clear that it is the most popular video platform. Because of the epidemic, YouTube has developed into a source of fun and education. As hundreds of hours of video footage were posted to YouTube, almost 27 billion visits were produced. More than 800 million videos are said to be available on YouTube.

3. Facebook

Type of Website Social Media
Operating since 2005
Owned by Meta Platforms, Inc.
Visits 9.9 billion per month

With 2.78 billion active visitors monthly, Meta now controls the third most popular website in the world. Without a question, Facebook continues to rank among the top social networking platforms. Due to its user-friendly design, Facebook has grown tremendously popular among people of all ages and has smoothly integrated into our lives, making information transmission simpler than it was previously.

4. Wikipedia

Type of Website Encyclopedia
Operating since 2001
Owned by Wikimedia Foundation
Visits 6.208 billion per month

With 6.2 billion monthly visitors, Wikipedia landed in 4th position, even if we’ve all laughed at someone using it as an example. According to Wikipedia’s data, each American clicks on a Wikipedia result in an average of 3.44 times each month, making this the most used search engine in the world. As a non-profit corporation located in San Francisco, Wikimedia Foundation manages the free online encyclopedia.

5. Twitter

Type of Website Social Media
Operating since 2006
Owned by
Visits 6.208 billion per month

Twitter is the latest in a long line of social media giants. Twitter has a monthly user base of 4,7 billion people. Because of this, it’s not surprising that most world leaders, celebrities, and even corporations use Twitter to announce new goods and services.

6. Reddit

Type of Website Social Media
Operating since 2006
Owned by Advance Publications
Visits 3.8 billion per month

Perhaps the most surprising fact about this list is that Reddit came in sixth place, which most of you probably didn’t expect to see. Reddit, often regarded as the internet’s first page, receives 3,8 billion monthly hits. One of the most important aspects of the emergence of cryptocurrencies has been the influence of Reddit. it makes no difference if you’re a cryptocurrency newbie or an old hand at Bitcoin. Reddit is definitely the core of the bitcoin community. In reality, the crypto bets were hatched in Reddit’s many subforums.


Type of Website Books
Operating since 2010
Owned by Lectortmo
Visits 3.5 billion per month

What if you could get ahold of some manga to read for free on the internet? For the time being, are you holding off on signing up for a paid reading service in order to save money? This site has everything you need.

The manga website Lectortmo comes in at number seven. To really appreciate manga, it is best read by someone who is fluent in Japanese. However, given your presence, it’s possible that you do not speak or read Japanese fluently. For your convenience, this website includes all mangas in English on it.


Type of Website e-Commerce
Operating since 1994
Owned by Amazon
Visits 3.29 billion per month

With an estimated 3.2 billion monthly visitors, Amazon is the 8th most frequented website on our list. A vast variety of things are available for buy on Amazon, from food to apparel to home décor to books to furniture to machines. It’s one of the best places to purchase online because of its excellent customer service and wide range.

Because it is the best e-commerce platform, Amazon dominates the online purchase sector. It has become the best in the industry because of its easy-to-use features.


Type of Website Social Media
Operating since 2010
Owned by Meta
Visits 3,22 billion per month

Instagram has a reach of 3.22 billion monthly users. Since its introduction in 2010, the photo-centric app has seen a surge in popularity. For this self-aggrandizing beauty and lifestyle, Instagram was the ideal medium for Meta to use when she acquired the account. Sharing content that has earned a lot of likes from other Instagram users helps the platform generate more traffic and users, which in turn helps the site make money.


Type of Website Sports
Operating since ——–
Owned by Sporting Life
Visits 3 billion per month

Sporting Life is one of the UK’s major sports content websites and the nation’s most popular racing website. Football, golf, darts, tennis, snooker, and racing are just some of the sports covered by this popular website, which has had more than three billion page visits.


In 2022, is the world’s most popular website, with 89.3 billion accesses each month from consumers throughout the globe. Additionally, there are many other web services provided by the search engine giant such as Gmail, Google Drive and many more.