10+ Ideas To Propose Your Crush On This Valentine’s Day

Talking to your crush for a long time? Wondering how to tell her/him your feelings? Don’t worry because Valentine’s Day is here and by now you have already known what we do on this day. Besides wishing him/her “Happy Valentine’s day” don’t forget to tell your feelings. Express your love to your crush and tell her everything you feel about them because if not on Valentine’s week so when? We’ll be telling you all the romantic ways through which you can propose to your lover/Valentine’s /crush. 

While there are many people who feel it is hard to tell their actual feelings but there are some who think that being in a relationship will be right for them. If your crush is already talking to you and you know that they also have feelings, then why are you even waiting. The Covid-19 have made the people suffer and especially the couples. During this time, you can at least have a person beside you which will make your day better.  

Read this article till the end because this thing is precious and it will surely help you. 

List of Ideas to Propose Your Crush/valentine’s/lover on This Valentine’s Day

Write Letters but in a Special Way


Starting the list with this proposal because this will always be the sweetest way to propose someone. Now, what do you have to do in this one? As the name suggests writing a letter, so you probably have to write a beautiful letter to her. The letter should have all your feelings, emotion and of course love. But wait! If you’re thinking that this is it or you just have to write a letter then NO. As Valentine’s week starts from rose day and it goes a whole week to end that’s why you will write a letter per day. Write 8 letters and give him one each day. Every letter should have their fast letter in such a way that after a whole damn week i.e. On 14th February he/she can conclude out that you’re actually proposing to her. I’m sure that this was something she/he never expected and they’ll definitely be happy  No matter whom you’re going to propose on this valentine’s day, they can’t say no to this one.

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A Fun Puzzle for Crush


The next one is by playing the puzzle game. If you think that your crush too likes you but you both are shy to ask then I’ll recommend that as a boy you should take a lead. As a girl, I can tell that many girls feel a little uncomfortable when they want to express their love to their partner. They normally prefer the boy to say. If you want to ask her to be your girlfriend then do it uniquely. Take a puzzle quiz(will available to any store or you can DIY at home) and ask her to play it alone with you. As the puzzle will take its shape she will ultimately get the idea. 

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A Surprise Date 

Now if you’re someone who plans to meet his long-distance girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband on this valentine’s day then this one’s for you. Now what you have to do is don’t tell them that you are going to visit them. If you have already told them then say anything like you can’t come or else. In this one proposal, you have to take the help of her/his friend too. Ask his/her friend to take your partner on Valentine’s day and then surprise them there. I am sure that their reaction will be something worth watching and you can have your best time on Valentine’s day.

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A Beautiful Date


In the tough time of corona, there are not many places available so we recommend you to take the available place and decorate it up. Like if you got a seaside near you area, or a beautiful tree in your backyard or not all these then your terrace or room. Take the place then decorates it like a heaven. Take the help of your friend or his/her friends and get your hands in the decoration. During the whole proposal thing you should also take care that she/he shouldn’t get a hint of all these. The above action should be a secret to your partner. You can ask their friends to take your partner to the secret location secretly. Don’t forget to add some music during the proposal.

Your Favorite book 


If you are a bookworm or loves to read novels then do it in your style. Give him/her the best book, which you loved the most and tell her the feelings of your through it. Giving a book to someone is the most precious thing a book reader can do and your partner will understand this.

The journey of reading the book and knowing the other person is amazing and I personally have gone through it. But if your partner isn’t a big fan of these then drop this idea.

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Proposal Through Zoom Meeting


If you both are too far away or you want something different then Zoom meeting proposal is for you. Take her friends and ask them to help you. During the whole Covid thing, it is nearly impossible to have a quality of time. If your partner/crush is far-far away from you then it becomes worse. In the zoom meeting what you have to do is make a sequence of friends with each one person holding one word. The sentence can be anything from “WILL YOU MERRY ME” or “WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND” or other. 

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Propose at the Mall 


You might have seen the trending video where the guy/girl asks to marry their partner in the mall. Have you ever thought of trying it? Not yet then you should. If you have a high budget for your partner then hire the dancers. If you are already good at it, then don’t think twice and just GO FOR IT. 

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We have attach a video for you to have more deeper eye into this proposal. 

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A Journey With Roses


The only thing you have to do is get your friends all together and give them each one rose. Ask your friend to give a rose one by one to your partner. You can ask one of your friends to guide her throughout the journey and also record all this at the same time. The end point should be the place where everything is properly set up. The whole proposal isn’t a proposal without the proposer, wait this became a tongue twister. While I’m busy in practice this tongue twister you go and propose to her with this.

We have attached a reference video for this one so take a look. 

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Movie Date Idea


A romantic movie with your crush is like a dream for many people. But if she likes you back then there is no issue for you. While proposing and sharing your thoughts may be a little hard for people say it through watching a super romantic movie like the notebook, la la land, the enchanted or other. While watching the movie tell them about your feelings and how you feel the same as the cast of the movie feel about their partner. By this way, you both can have more connection towards each other and they will definitely going to believe in your love. 

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Love is a wonderful feeling and if the other person has the same feeling for you then it is something that can not be expressed through words. We all need a person with whom we can share our happy and sad memories. The presence of a special someone is a must to have in life. Loving someone is the first thing which you can do and proposing to them is another. While there are tons of methods to propose your crush/lover but we have given the minimal one which is also budget-friendly. You don’t need to spend many bucks in these and they are the sweetest of all. Try these ideas then let us know in the comment section about your experience. We’ll be waiting for your reply.

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